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Challenges with Microsoft Collaboration Capabilities

Microsoft 365 collaboration features are continually being accessed by end users.

For example, working on shared documents that are stored on OneDrive or SharePoint and are accessed through the Microsoft Teams channel has becoming increasingly common. This allows an organization’s finance department to work on spreadsheets, marketing to work on promotional material or engineers to work on project all over the world.

However, from an IT perspective the collaboration feature in Microsoft 365 is very complex and can be challenging to maintain. Because it relies so heavily on multiple workloads of Microsoft 365, ensuring that your users can collaborate can be a headache.

How to Troubleshooting Co-Authoring SharePoint Issues?

Microsoft 365 only ensures the service inside its Microsoft Global Network. Therefore, IT is blind when it comes to fully understanding whether critical global locations can really work together on key business documents. Martello Vantage DX is here to help you with that.

Ensure Co-Authoring SharePoint Performance in Real Time

Martello Vantage DX continuously tests every Microsoft 365 workload involved in their collaborative features and from every critical location, to assess the availability and performance of the services – in real time.

Martello’s synthetic transactions replicate a user’s actions on OneDrive and SharePoint but also directly on Microsoft Teams channels – this includes posting on a channel, uploading or downloading a document from the channel, chatting with users, etc.

All these tests are combined with your existing monitoring data – relative to your infrastructure and network – to detect in real time if anything in your infrastructure is preventing active collaboration between business lines.

Martello Vantage DX also provides automatic performance reports that pinpoint the root cause of service degradation allowing you to justify improvements to the collaboration services provided to your business lines.

The Results

Ensure collaboration capabilities for your business lines

Determine root cause of Microsoft 365 co-authoring problems

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Quickly qualify and prioritize collaboration services issues

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Justify the performance of Microsoft 365 collaboration capabilities for your business lines



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