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Guest Speakers

Ben Sept

Microsoft Teams Voice Solution Specialist | Yorktel

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Wendy Moore

Wendy Moore


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Who Should Attend

  • Are always in reactive mode, struggling to get ahead of Teams issues.
  • Waste time trying to identify and resolve issues.
  • Have critical visibility gaps in Microsoft 365 or Teams and lack a single source of truth.
  • Can’t focus on strategic projects due to firefighting, consuming too much time and resources.

  • Lose revenue due to excessive calls with customers to resolve Teams issues.
  • Struggle with Teams performance impacting customer-facing teams and customer experience.
  • Face significant company-wide productivity drops during Teams outages.
  • Manage a hybrid workforce who needs the best Microsoft 365 experience, anywhere, anytime.
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“Teams Phone continues to be the market leader in cloud calling, now with over 20 million PSTN users, up nearly 30% year-over-year. ”

Microsoft Fiscal Year 2024 Third Quarter Earnings Conference Call


Take control of your Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and hybrid cloud application service performance!

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