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The only comprehensive, out-of-the-box monitoring solution for Microsoft Teams & Microsoft 365

Martello understands that Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams service quality relies on multiple internal and external services. Traditional monitoring tools usually focus on one side of the equation such as network or devices, sometimes calls quality or SBCs.

But no monitoring tools provide the full picture of Teams and Microsoft 365 service quality. You need to also monitor the devices that are used, the Microsoft datacenter through the network, the 3rd party services involved and the entire Teams feature set from collaboration to Telephony and underlying Microsoft 365 workloads.

Microsoft Teams Performance is Critical for Business Productivity


of Microsoft Teams outages and Teams issues are NOT caused by Microsoft


of end users open an IT ticket when experiencing a Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Teams issue


of enterprises are using a dedicated Teams monitoring tool to prevent outages and Microsoft 365 issues

Martello Vantage DX Microsoft Native Network Monitoring APM Tools
Teams calls, meetings, PSTN performance data Yes Yes No No
Teams Meeting Room device & meeting alerts Yes Partial No No
Customizable alerts for user, country, services, outage and much more Yes No No No
SLA calculation Yes No Partial Yes
Network path performance tests highlighting responsibility of performance issue Yes No Yes No
24/7 testing of Microsoft 365 features from critical offices Yes No No Partial
Root cause analysis Yes Partial Partial Partial
Synchronization with ITSM Yes Partial Yes Yes

Martello Vantage DX Pricing

Flexible pricing plans that scale with your Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams monitoring needs.


$20 per user

Detect, qualify & prioritize:

  • Microsoft Teams voice & video issues (P2P, video calls, meetings, Meeting Rooms & PSTN
  • Proactive alerts for VIPs, departments, offices and more

Out-of-the-box performance dashboards:

  • Global Teams performance overview
  • User & location analytics
  • Call-by-call troubleshooting


  • Microsoft Teams and 365 integrations


$30 per user

Root cause analysis:

  • Troubleshoot & diagnose issues
  • Visual network path analysis identifies network issues: latency, jitter, bandwidth etc.
  • Identify issue ownership: Microsoft, ISP, network team etc.
  • SLA monitoring

Proactive monitoring with user behavior simulation via synthetic testing


  • 10 diagnostics probes
  • 10 synthetic testing robots
  • 10 integrations to existing monitoring systems


$40 per user

  • Extend root cause analysis with unlimited diagnostics probes and integrations to existing monitoring systems
  • Fit into IT processes with ITSM integration ie. ServiceNow
  • User behavior simulations from unlimited locations


  • Unlimited network probes
  • Unlimited synthetic testing robots
  • Unlimited integrations to existing monitoring systems
  • Integration to ITSM and AudioCodes SBC

*USD Pricing. The 12-month subscription is based on the plan chosen.
Minimum 1,000 user subscriptions.

Not sure which plan is right for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Martello Vantage DX Essentials is best suited for organizations who need better visibility into Microsoft Teams voice calls and meeting quality to ensure a better experience for their users. Vantage DX Essentials detects issues impacting Microsoft Teams call and meeting quality and provides insight into their root cause.

Martello Vantage DX Professional is our most popular tier and is best suited for organizations that need to ensure Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 service quality to their business lines. Vantage DX Professional assesses service quality for every workload – on a 24/7 basis and simplifies troubleshooting by determining what is responsible for every potential performance issue.

Martello Vantage DX Enterprise is best suited for large organizations that need to ensure Microsoft Teams including Teams Phone, Microsoft 365 and AudioCodes session border controller (SBC) service quality. Vantage DX Enterprise shows you how Direct Routing SBCs are affecting the quality of Microsoft Teams phone systems and what is responsible for every issue impacting users when using the entire suite of Microsoft 365 products.

Martello Vantage DX offers exceptional value at a fraction of the cost of the Microsoft license – making it a highly cost-effective solution. The software represents a small fraction of the overall investment businesses make in delivering Microsoft 365 and Teams. While Microsoft 365 provides essential productivity tools, Martello Vantage DX specifically focuses on monitoring and optimizing the performance of Microsoft Teams. By leveraging Martello Vantage DX, organizations can enhance the user experience, minimize downtime, and proactively address performance issues. This cost advantage allows businesses to make informed decisions, improve productivity, and maximize the return on their technology investments, all while staying within budget.

The 12-month subscription is based on the plan chosen – Essentials, Professional or Enterprise. There is no minimum and the pricing for Vantage DX starts at 20K USD.

The 12-month subscription is based on the plan chosen – Essentials, Professional or Enterprise. Pricing starts at 20K USD and the subscription is paid in advance.

Yes, there is a 14-day hands-on trial of all functionality available for Vantage DX.

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The exact discount depends on the number of licenses or subscriptions needed and you can contact our sales team for a custom quote. Additionally, we offer enterprise-level pricing for larger organizations that require more comprehensive solutions. Please contact our sales team for more information about enterprise pricing.

At the Enterprise level tier, the number of integrations into Martello Vantage DX is not limited. This ensures that you can gather and correlate data from your entire monitoring environment.

Standard instance deployment is not included in the pricing. Customers purchasing Vantage DX will also need to purchase the corresponding service package for the implementation services. For additional information please contact us for a custom quote.

Yes, every licensed Microsoft 365 user is counted in the total number of licenses needed for Martello Vantage DX for your organization.

Our dedicated professional services team is committed to accelerating and maximizing the value of your investment by ensuring a fast, seamless, and successful implementation. While the timeline for implementation typically spans a few weeks, it greatly depends on aligning stakeholders, fulfilling requirements, and enabling teams. Martello usually sets a weekly cadence for large deployments with a dedicated Delivery Engineer. From the initial stages to full adoption across all involved teams, our goal is to swiftly transition your organization within a matter of weeks.

When implementing a Microsoft Teams performance monitoring tool, several roles within a company may be involved. These roles can vary depending on the size and structure of the organization. Here are some key roles that could be involved:

IT Manager/Director: Responsible for overseeing the implementation of the performance monitoring tool and ensuring its alignment with the organization’s IT strategy and objectives.

Network Administrator: Manages the network infrastructure, including the configuration and optimization of network resources to support Microsoft Teams performance monitoring.

Systems Administrator: Handles the installation, configuration, and maintenance of the performance monitoring tool, ensuring its integration with existing systems and infrastructure.

Security Officer: Assesses the security implications of the performance monitoring tool and ensures that sensitive data is protected during monitoring and analysis.

Helpdesk/Support Team: Provide support and assistance to end-users regarding the performance monitoring tool, troubleshooting issues, and addressing user inquiries.

Collaboration Team: Collaborates with the implementation team to align the performance monitoring tool with the organization’s collaboration goals, identifying areas for improvement and optimizing the Microsoft Teams experience.

CIO/CTO: Oversees the implementation and adoption of the performance monitoring tool, ensuring its alignment with the company’s overall technology strategy and objectives.

End-users: Actively participate in the implementation process by providing feedback, reporting issues, and utilizing the insights provided by the performance monitoring tool to enhance their Microsoft Teams experience.

Martello remains fully committed to your success even after the implementation is complete. We provide round-the-clock, 24/7 support to ensure any issues or concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently. Additionally, you will have a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will be available to provide ongoing guidance and support as you navigate your journey with Martello.

We understand that some clients may require continuous value-add services beyond the initial implementation. That’s why we offer recurring Professional Services, tailored to meet your evolving needs and ensure that you continue to derive maximum value from our solutions. Our goal is to be your trusted partner every step of the way.

Take control of your Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and hybrid cloud application service performance!

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