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Alert storms did not stop with the move to hybrid and cloud environments. On the contrary, alerts for failing components coming from multiple monitoring tools are flowing to ServiceNow, creating incidents that are difficult to correlate and manage. To manage this more effectively, IT needs a powerful way to correlate IT assets and events/alerts into service tickets and service mapping dashboards.

What is Martello Vantage for ServiceNow?

Martello Vantage DX upgrades your ServiceNow by adding true Event Management and Service Mapping capabilities. It enables ITSM teams to drastically reduce alert/incident noise, understand the impact of incidents on service delivery, and prioritize service resolution for the problems that matter the most.

By correlating alerts from multiple sources into service tickets and matching them with ServiceNow CIs, Martello Vantage DX provides a true, cost-effective alternative to ServiceNow ITOM Event Management.

Your monitoring data is consolidated, filtered and correlated into visual service dashboards that identify service outage root causes and calculate custom SLAs for your on-premise, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure.

Key Benefits

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  • Filter and correlate alerts from SolarWinds, Nagios, SCOM, Azure, AWS, etc. into service tickets.
  • Reduce event noise by up to 99%.
  • Get the status of every active alert for a given service ticket in real-time.

  • Identify and prioritize health issues easily by understanding visually how they impact business critical services.
  • Identify root cause across your entire on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environment.

  • Get true event management for all your monitoring tools.
  • Create and share service dashboards for NOC, Helpdesk and management by correlating monitoring data.

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  • Define, calculate and share SLAs, and correlate your monitored objects into business needs.
  • Quickly identify which IT components are affecting your SLA goals.

Key Features

  • See critical relationships and dependencies between infrastructure and business services.
  • Access the source of the alerts directly with contextual information (asset, impacted service, root cause analysis, owner, etc.).

  • Integrate and correlate AWS, Azure and Google Cloud data into ServiceNow.
  • Correlate cloud services and on-premises network monitoring data to define cloud and hybrid service boards.

  • Auto-update ticket with additional alerts.
  • Update resolution status of an incident when underlying alerts are closed.
  • Close alerts when incident is closed.

  • Agentless architecture.
  • Tag based automatic service mapping.
  • Fully automated.
  • Single pane of glass for all your IT assets, alert and business service incidents.

Get started with Martello Vantage for ServiceNow!

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