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Take control of your Office 365 and Microsoft Teams issues to reduce mean time to repair and impact on productivity.

Preventing Microsoft Teams issues and Office 365 outages that impact business productivity requires end-to-end visibility. To improve the Teams user experience, you need insight into poor network performance, service providers and Unified Communication components such as session border controllers (SBCs).

Visibility is hard without a single pane of glass that tests, collects, alerts, and correlates the information for you. IT teams are left in the dark to coordinate between departments. The mean time to repair an issue impacts the overall Microsoft Teams ROI when IT is dependent on the Teams performance insight available from native tools.

Martello Vantage DX™ is the Microsoft Office 365 performance monitoring solution that gives IT teams complete visibility into the user experience. Vantage DX has tools to rapidly detect, resolve and minimize issues before they become business problems. This includes Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange and Microsoft Office 365 applications.

New Vantage DX Feature Microsoft Teams Rooms Dashboard

  • Proactively know if a Microsoft Teams Room is performing poorly.
  • Know which of your Teams Rooms are the busiest and closely monitor them for performance.
  • Ensure your Teams Rooms devices are working optimally and have the tools to quickly troubleshoot issues.
  • Deliver maximum ROI on your Teams Rooms investment and ensure VIP meeting satisfaction.
Microsoft Teams Rooms Dashboard

Key Features of Microsoft Office 365 Performance Monitoring

Microsoft Teams Down Detection from a Global Outage to Specific Call Issues

Vantage DX combines the power of Microsoft Teams real user monitoring with proactive synthetic transactions. This data is paired with network performance monitoring. IT teams can quickly detect, qualify and act on Teams outages, user experience issues, call quality issues and meeting rooms issues.

Microsoft Teams Overview Dashboards

Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive User Experience Proactive Monitoring

Proactively test your Modern Workplace workload performance to detect Microsoft 365 outages and troubleshoot Office 365 issues faster.

Proactive Microsoft 365 User Experience Monitoring

Microsoft Teams Phone and PSTN Connectivity Issue Detection and Troubleshooting

Correlate Teams call quality data with AudioCodes SBC call detail reports. This provides full visibility of Microsoft Teams Phone issues for faster troubleshooting.

Teams Phone and PSTN monitoring Dashboard

Office Web Application and PowerApps Availability and Performance

Test the performance of all your Office 365 web applications and PowerApps to ensure Office 365 down issues don’t become business productivity problems.

Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams Network Path Monitoring

ITSM Integration

Create automatic incidents based on event conditions. This synchronizes Microsoft Office 365 down issues with your ITSM teams and speeds service remediation.

Sync Microsoft 365 and Teams events ITSM

Correlate Cloud and Network Monitoring Insights

Correlate Vantage DX monitoring insights with your own monitoring data. This reduces finger pointing and speeds time to repair Microsoft 365 and Teams outages and user experience issues.

Rapid Root Cause Analysis

Key Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 Performance Monitoring

  • Detect, alert and anticipate Microsoft 365 user experience issues.
  • Qualify and prioritize Microsoft Teams issues and Office 365 outages locally or globally.
  • Resolve network quality issues by pinpointing who owns them.

  • Reduce the mean time to repair of any Office 365 outage and Microsoft Teams problem.
  • Ensure Office 365 critical feature availability and performance for your business lines.
  • Correlate Microsoft Teams call quality dashboards and SBC call detail report data. This provides full visibility of Teams phone call quality issues and PSTN connectivity problems.

  • Reduce the number of Microsoft 365 user complaints and tickets.
  • Reduce the time and costs associated with any ticket.
  • Limit business productivity issues related to Microsoft 365 performance problems.


15 Alerts to Track Microsoft Teams Call Quality

15 Alerts to Track Microsoft Teams Call Quality

When Teams performance dips you need to know when an issue has occurred, what is the root cause and who is responsible.

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