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As a Microsoft Managed Service Provider (MSP), deployment and break-fix support are often offered together with license management and sometimes advanced security services.

Microsoft Teams is now being widely adopted for internal and external communications, often through PSTN. In addition, businesses rely heavily on Teams for business processes. This heavy dependence on Microsoft Teams means that end users are demanding reliable and predictable performance.

These businesses need experts like you to manage their Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 service delivery and quality.

But without the proper tools, you are left with the same problems as your customers: lack of end-to-end performance metrics, difficulties quickly troubleshooting incidents and the inability to ensure service quality. All of these factors make it difficult to differentiate yourself in the fiercely competitive world of managed services.

Martello Solutions for Microsoft Managed Service Provider

Vantage DX for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) has been designed to provide you with full end to end visibility of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 services.

Manage service performance: Prioritize

Detect and Qualify Users' Voice and Network Issues

With an agentless, immediate value approach, Vantage DX addresses your main challenges in minutes:

  • Collect, organize and alert on every Microsoft Teams users’ issue – for all of your customers.
  • Display what type of issues are most critical, including where and who is affected.
  • Define custom alerts for critical locations and users.
  • No agent or complex deployment – realize ‘out of the box’ value on day one.

Thanks to Vantage DX, you no longer need to rely on users opening tickets to be aware of an issue. This means that you can become proactive at managing the entire spectrum of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365 services, including Operator Connect, Direct Routing and Microsoft Calling Plans connected to the PSTN.

Manage service performance: Resolve

Speed Up Service Incident Resolution

Vantage DX provides advanced network path monitoring capabilities & automatic ITSM synchronization:

  • Pinpoint network bottlenecks on the route to the cloud network, which are affecting the user experience
  • Correlate Vantage DX insights with your existing monitoring data to understand the issue
  • Synchronize events & alerts with your ITSM tools and processes.

Assess the performance of your customer’s route to the cloud and clearly determine responsibilities during network latency and voice issues that affect your customers’ end users.

Manage service performance: Prevent

Increase customer satisfaction and stickiness

Provide proactive performance management on every workload:

  • Anticipate problems before they affect customers with 24/7 synthetic transactions on every workload.
  • Fix recurring issues and justify service delivery excellence with advanced performance reports (SLA/OLA) including root cause analysis.

Highly differentiate your services by identifying and resolving issues before your customers are impacted.

eBook: Elevate Microsoft 365 Managed Services

Understand why adding end-to-end service monitoring and analytics is the answer to extend the value of your existing Microsoft 365 offering.

Elevating Microsoft 365 Managed Services eBook mockup on tablet

Key Features

Out of Box Value

  • Connect Vantage DX to your customer’s tenant in minutes – no agent to deploy.
  • Automatically organize your customers’ voice and network quality data per locations, per symptom and per ISP that was used.
  • Configure alerts on voice and network issues with detailed root cause of the issue: no more calls from your users with issues.

PSTN Ready

  • Be alerted and understand every call issue: peer to peer, conference, video and PSTN.
  • Understand the reasons behind poor PSTN calls and the related connectivity and network context.
  • Track PSTN trunk and carrier usage and performance.

Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365 Proactive Management

  • Proactively manage the performance of the entire voice and collaboration suite of Microsoft Teams including channel, chat, documents availability, presence, etc.
  • Continuously test every major workload such as OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange as well as Microsoft Office 365 applications (Excel, PowerBI, etc.) from a user perspective.
  • Track Microsoft SLA and/or your custom SLA with your customers.

Rapid Circle logo

Use Case: Rapid Circle

Rapid Circle offers such as Azure, Microsoft 365, or Power Platform, improving customers’ productivity while reducing costs. To assist the fast deployment of Microsoft Teams at key customers, Rapid Circle needed to go beyond a traditional network performance monitoring solution to provide the best cloud performance assessment and managed service. They chose Martello for its unparalleled level of insight into the user experience delivered by Microsoft 365.

The Result

“Two months later, after reviewing the assessment provided by Rapid Circle, the value of Martello is quite clear. This tool can help us detect and repair issues faster and make us more proactive in delivering a good experience to our users”.

Key Benefits

Success icon

Stand Out From the Competition and Improve Customer Stickiness

  • Be the one offering more than a ‘break and fix’ solution for Microsoft Teams: offer reliability of the service for your customers’ business lines.
  • Provide proactive support of Microsoft Teams PSTN voice without installing anything at the customer’s site.
  • Reduce the number of issues and the impact of Microsoft outages on your customers’ productivity.
Performance icon

Reduce Support
and Overhead Costs

  • Detect issues in real-time and identify root cause, whether they are in Microsoft, a third party, your customers’ network or your own.
  • Speed time to resolution and prevent the need for Microsoft escalation tickets.

Develop New
Service Streams

  • Become the trusted advisor for any Unified Communications project.
  • Assist your customers with their route to the cloud and network improvement projects.
  • Easily extend your managed services to Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

Want to learn more about Martello’s solutions for Managed Service Providers?

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