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Delivering an optimal user experience for Microsoft 365 services and applications like Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive or Teams relies on multiple internal teams. This includes the network, device, and Office 365 teams as well as external service providers such as ISPs, proxy providers, and any additional security services.

This complexity is why troubleshooting user experience issues and reducing the impact when Microsoft Office 365 is down and a Microsoft Teams outage is challenging.

What Is Martello Vantage DX for Microsoft 365 Monitoring?

Vantage DX™ is a single platform solution for Microsoft 365 monitoring. It prioritizes and resolves performance problems and optimizes the user experience.

Whether your users are remote or at the office, Martello Vantage DX detects and alerts on any Microsoft 365 performance issues.

The Microsoft-recommended software continuously tests all the critical features of Modern Workplace workloads to detect issues.

Microsoft 365 Performance Issues

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Troubleshooting Exchange Email Routing and Calendar Syncing

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Addressing Performance Decline in OneDrive and SharePoint

Teams Call icon

Managing Teams Call Quality, Channel Functionality, and Chat Accessibility

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Ensuring Reliable Authentication System Performance

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Resolving User Experience Challenges in Office 365 Applications

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Optimizing Availability and Performance of PowerApps Applications

All results are correlated with Vantage DX network path tests that pinpoint the root cause of any Office 365 bad network quality. The outcome is then displayed on actionable dashboards with customizable alerts.

Martello Vantage DX restores the visibility you need into Microsoft 365 end-to-end service delivery. It is a monitoring solution that helps you see and fix problems with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365.

Key M365 Monitoring Features

24/7 User Experience and Performance Monitoring

  • Tests the critical features of Office 365 as a user would. It can then detect any Microsoft 365 service issues from all critical sites.
  • Proactively alert on Office 365 outages and Teams calls quality issues, with actionable data.
  • Synchronize user experience alerts with your ITSM tools such as ServiceNow.
Proactive Microsoft 365 User Experience Monitoring

Microsoft Teams Call Quality Issues Monitoring

  • User friendly Dashboards help identify problems with Teams calls, showing the severity of issues, and determining who is responsible for addressing them.
  • Custom alerts, custom groups and powerful search, help you resolve issues quickly.
  • Prioritize the most affected users or   locations instantly and troubleshoot calls and meetings easily.
Teams Call Quality Dashboard

Office 365 Bad Network Quality Troubleshooting

  • Detect Office 365 and Teams bad network quality and spot exactly on which hop the latency is introduced.
  • Determine the network performance issue owner with detailed data on round trip time, Jitter and packet loss.
  • Identify abnormal routes to Microsoft services for your users and critical sites.
Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams Network Path Monitoring

Microsoft Teams Outage and Office 365 Down Issues Monitoring

  • Detect Microsoft 365 outages almost an hour before the official notification.
  • Qualify global, regional or local Microsoft Teams outages.
  • Understand if an Office 365 outage comes from Microsoft, external service providers (ISP, Proxy, etc.) or from your network.
Microsoft outage monitoring

Key M365 Monitoring Benefits

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  • Detect internal or external Modern Workplace performance issues before end-users.
  • Instantly understand where a Microsoft 365 outage comes from (ISP, Proxy, Internal, Microsoft).
  • Warn your users before they experience the outage and get time to take appropriate workaround measures.

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  • Qualify Microsoft Teams call quality issues instantly
  • Determine who is responsible for bad network quality.
  • Identify local wifi and bandwidth issues affecting the user experience.

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  • Reduce Microsoft Teams down problems and Office 365 user experience issues.
  • Decrease management and support overhead.
  • Achieve minimal mean time to recovery (MTTR).
  • Reduce Microsoft escalations.

  • Increase Microsoft 365 user satisfaction and productivity.
  • Ensure VIP service quality.
  • Decrease your support costs.



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