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Almost Every Department of Your Business is Using Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Whether for essential external communication to clients, or internal collaboration – communication in today’s modern workplace depends on the reliability of your Microsoft services.

Maximizing your return on investment relies on multiple internal or external stakeholders such as Microsoft and your own IT team, in addition to the myriad of third-party providers your company is currently working with. Therefore, ensuring predictable quality of service is difficult which puts employee productivity at stake, which can impact the success of your company and by extension, your overall modern workplace ROI.

What Is Martello Vantage DX for Microsoft Office 365 and Teams?

Martello Vantage DX is Microsoft 365 Monitoring for CEOs, empowering your IT teams to ensure reliable and predictable quality for the Microsoft services your business lines are using.

Vantage DX prevents issues that affect business continuity, reduces support costs and time to repair and improves the return on investment on Microsoft solutions. It proactively detects service degradation in any critical offices, even down to your individual users and enables efficient collaboration within IT departments.

Key Vantage DX Features

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“Martello offers a digital experience monitoring solution that helps our customers and partners deliver the best possible Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams user experience.” Suzanne Gagliese, VP, Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft Canada

  • Detect issues at the user level and provide actionable insights to troubleshoot every Microsoft service’s critical features.
  • Provide the data your IT teams need to fix problem before it impacts your business lines.

  • Test, gather and correlate the necessary statistics for all IT teams to work together on the same issues with the same data.
  • Prevent inefficient and costly finger pointing.

Enable IT to assess:

  • The ROI on network upgrades
  • The Service Level agreement of third-party services
  • The reliability of Microsoft

Key Vantage DX Benefits

Martello Vantage DX ensures that:

  • Sales can pitch to customers and prospects.
  • Finance can work on financial consolidation between department.
  • Marketing can collaborate on promotional materials.
  • Support can satisfy your customers.

  • Ensure customers, prospects, partners and third-party reliable communication and digital collaboration services.
  • Enable reliable collaboration and co-authoring between your company’s departments to speed-up business decisions and streamline processes.

  • Improve adoption of Microsoft solution by delivering increased reliability.
  • Decrease support costs and time to repair.
  • Improve overall employee productivity.

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  • Clearly define responsibilities in the case of issues between IT, Internet Service Providers, Microsoft or any third-party provider.
  • Clearly pinpoint root cause of any problems to stop finger pointing.

Get started with Martello Vantage DX.

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