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Stay Ahead of Outages

Be proactive in detecting Microsoft 365 and a Microsoft Teams outage to reduce productivity impact. Calculate and report on SLAs and performance objectives. Vantage DX monitors Teams services, providing real-time alerts for quick response and better SLA tracking.

Key Features for Microsoft Teams Outages and Office 365 Down Issues Management

Early Detection and Alerts on Global and Regional Office 365 and Microsoft Teams Issues

  • Test and measure availability and performance of Microsoft 365 Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams call and video, as well as Teams collaboration features in real time.
  • Alert as soon as a regional or global outage is detected – up to an hour before the official announcement.
  • Provide detailed metrics on where the outage is, how severe, when it started and if the network at Microsoft is involved.
Proactive Microsoft 365 User Experience Monitoring

Organize your IT Response Faster

  • Correlates Microsoft 365 down issue details with network performance up to the Microsoft cloud, to understand where the outage comes from (internal, ISP, third-party service provider, Microsoft).
  • Automatically create service incidents to alert the ITSM team in case of an Office 365 or Microsoft Teams outage
  • Organize your response with the right data at the right time, to warn your business lines and provide work arounds.
Sync Microsoft 365 and Teams events ITSM

Define and Track Internal and Third-Party SLAs from Vendors such as Microsoft, ISPs and Service Providers

  • Test Microsoft 365 features with the same conditions that Microsoft uses to test its SLA.
  • Define internal performance objectives for Microsoft Teams user experience and Microsoft 365 down issues, correlating user experience and synthetic transactions.
  • Test performance and create SLA reports for ISP, Proxy provider and any other service providers involved in Microsoft 365 service delivery.
  • Create automatic and sharable reports with IT Management and business lines.
SLA report for ISP

Key Benefits for Microsoft Teams Outage and Office 365 Down Issue Management

Reduce the Overhead Associated with Management of Outages.

Performance icon

Time is money. Detect and Organize your Response up to an Hour Before the Official Outage Announcement.

Limit Impact on Business Lines and Eliminate Finger Pointing Between Internal Teams.



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Prevent Microsoft Teams outages and Office 365 down issues from becoming a business problem with Martello Vantage DX

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