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Microsoft Exchange encompasses a wide variety of deployment types. Whether full cloud or working together with Exchange Edge or email security gateway services or still on-premise, email services are as critical as they are complex to monitor.

With more than 15 years of experience, Martello Vantage DX™ is the all-in-one solution that ensures the best possible service quality for all of your Microsoft Exchange users, whatever the type of deployment you have.

What Is Martello Vantage DX for Microsoft Exchange Monitoring?

Martello Vantage DX tests Microsoft Exchange services in the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid cloud through a panel of synthetic transactions that reproduces your users’ actions. Now you will know in real-time, 24/7 if users can create a meeting, send an email internally or externally, search in their mailboxes or download an attachment. But because Exchange can be hybrid, it also monitors the service and usage of Exchange Edge servers, email gateways, and authentication systems as well as the health of the network supporting these transactions.

Key Microsoft Exchange Monitoring Features

24/7 Microsoft Exchange Digital Experience Monitoring

  • Detect issues in real time for every critical Exchange feature: email, meeting, calendar, free busy, download, search, etc.
  • Determine baseline, analyze recurring issues and compare performance.

Exchange Edge Monitoring

  • Monitor component state including HealthSet and Backpressure events.
  • Get real-time server performance indicators (CPU, RAM, disk, etc.).
  • Monitor the status of every mail queue (submission, unreachable, poison).

Full Mail Routing Health

  • Monitor the health of email, SMTO and security gateways.
  • Determine precisely where the latency is in the email path.
  • Work with every deployment: Internal, external, cloud, hybrid and on-premise.

Test the Authentication System

  • Monitor the synchronization between Active Directory and Microsoft 365.
  • Test the full authentication process of ADFS.
  • Monitor certificate expiration.

Key Microsoft Exchange Monitoring Benefits

  • Monitor service quality for every critical Exchange feature, cloud or hybrid, in real-time from every critical location.
  • Monitor and collect critical statistics for Exchange and authentication hybrid services and servers.

  • Visualize the route between your key locations and your Exchange services.
  • Instant detection of network and infrastructure components affecting your user experience.
  • Correlate your own monitoring data with Martello Vantage DX insights into end-to-end Exchange business services.
  • Visualize how on-premise equipment affects Exchange service delivery.

  • Decrease management and support overhead.
  • Achieve minimal Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).
  • Reduce Microsoft escalations.

  • Define, track and share custom performance reports and/or SLAs.
  • Automatically spot the root cause of a Service Level Performance breach.



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Don’t let your users be your monitoring tool, take control of the Microsoft 365 Digital Experience!

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