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Keeping Track of Last Modified Documents in SharePoint 2013

Keeping Track of Last Modified Documents in SharePoint 2013

Using SharePoint documents library can be quite challenging sometimes. Especially when it comes down to following what is going on. For that there are a few tricks that can be used in order to know what are the new documents published or modified.


First thing is that you can be alerted on most things in SharePoint. For example in any document library, click to view the properties of an item (even a folder):

Set up alerts in SharePoint

You can then set up alerts:

Set up alerts in SharePoint 2013

Which you can customize easily:

However, while this is interesting to set up alerts, nobody wants to receive dozens of daily emails on everything going on, ending up with 20 spam emails because your colleague changed the title font of the document yesterday. Therefore something that can be done at the site level is to display the last modified documents.

Creating the view

The idea here is to create a custom view for a document library. Every user can perform this although it might be more convenient to have a site admin create that view and set it as “public”.

Creating a SharePoint document library view

Then just edit the settings to make sure that this view shows the last modified items:

Document library view settings


And if you want only the files to be displayed make sure to modify the folder settings:

Document library view settings for folder

Creating the appPart/webPart

Once the view is created, it is very easy to add a webPart (or AppPart as we should now say) to display these last modified documents on the portal home page. You need to edit the page (considering you have appropriate rights) and ad the AppPart as shown below:

Addind a webPart or AppPart to a SharePoint page

Then edit the webpart by clicking on its top right corner arrow, and modify the view in “List views” to match with the “last modified” view name created before.

You now have a webpart that displays only files that have been modified recently, sorted by modification date:

Last modified documents webpart for SharePoint 2013

Let us know if you have any tips and tricks for how to keep track easily of documents with a document library!


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