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Office 365 Challenges with the Returning to the Workplace

With people returning to the workplace, IT now has to make sure that their corporate network can handle the load of the new habits that employees have taken on being forced to work from home. Video calls and large Teams meetings are here to stay and are critical. However, without a proper end-to-end monitoring tool for Microsoft Teams, every department involved in the service delivery is almost blind when it comes to understanding and troubleshooting user experience issues. Martello Vantage DX is here to help companies face challenges with Microsoft Office 365 and Teams.

How to Monitor Microsoft Modern Workplace?

Over the last year and a half, Microsoft Teams was often deployed while people were working from home. The good news is that they heavily adopted the solution. The less good news for your network is that they will continue to use it almost the same way they were using it from home. And that means, in many cases, a strain on your corporate network that will affect the end-user experience. Video calls and large cloud meetings consume a lot of bandwidth and load your network like never before.

Even if Microsoft does a pretty good job at ensuring their service inside their Global Network, they can’t help you monitor, prioritize, and resolve your upcoming user experience issues.

For that, every part of the service delivery team must be coordinated, sharing Microsoft Teams, network, ISP and infrastructure data to reduce any mean time to repair and optimize the service quality.

Return to the Office with Better Microsoft 365 and Teams Performance

Martello Vantage DX has been designed to face this challenge.

Thanks to its Robot users that test Microsoft Teams and the other Microsoft 365 workloads continuously you can monitor your performance baseline while people are returning to the workplace. With real time performance data, you will see how the growth of on-site usage is affecting the user experience and your network performance.

With our network path visualization, you can follow in real time if the new load of your network is causing latency on the route to the cloud and where precisely this latency is. You can then correlate this information with your existing monitoring data to understand precisely why that particular equipment cannot handle the load and how it affects the service quality for your new users at the office.

Finally, with our performance report overtime, you will be able to spot recurring issues; ie: a specific load that affects service quality every Monday morning or at the end of a month or quarter.

With all this data in hand, you can then prioritize your return-to-work network issues, resolve them and make sure your corporate network is ready to deliver the best quality for Microsoft Teams and every Microsoft 365 application.

The Results

Performance icon

Track your network performance and service quality while people return to work

Prioritize and quickly resolve your Microsoft 365 service delivery issue

Avoid finger-pointing: every team involved shares the same data

Ensure Business lines service quality while people return to the office



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Returning to the workplace with better Microsoft Office 365 and Teams performance.

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