MPA 2.2

A Look Ahead

Mitel Performance Analytics 2.2

It’s no secret that Mitel Performance Analytics has always provided a wealth of performance data, but as we move towards R2.2, this data is going to be even more useful to administrators. Read more.


CATA Alliance

Martello Honored

CATAAlliance Recognizes Bruce Linton With Award

Read why our CEO, Bruce Linton was recognized by CATA at their annual Innovation and Leadership Awards Gala celebrating the best of Canadian innovation.

Bruce Quote

Martello CEO Bruce Linton

In Conversation with The Globe and Mail’s ‘The Ladder’

‘Almost everything I’ve done has related to not having any particular knowledge of the topic as an expert initially, but being in circumstances where you have to learn rapidly and not be particularly worried about learning it.’ Read More.

Network Troubleshooting

Better Voice Troubleshooting

4 Tips that Will Change How You Troubleshoot Your Network

Take a look at these troubleshooting tips, tried and true from managing the performance of more than 10,000 devices around the globe. Read more

Serious Tech Lives Here

Successful Startups

Kanata North Prime Location for Startups Looking to Grow

Well known for the well-established companies who set up shop here, there’s also a growing startup movement that Martello is proud to be a part of. Read More.

Martello Gives Back

Martello Gives Back

Watching the Ripple Effect

To share in our success as a company, we decided that there was no better way to honour the hard work of our employees than to contribute to the community organizations that mattered most to them. Read More.

Complete Network Visibility for Proactive Management

Deployed in more than 5,000 enterprise and service provider networks around the world, MarWatch delivers deep visibility into business communications systems and the associated network infrastructure. Featuring secure remote access, 24/7 monitoring and real-time alerts, MarWatch reduces costs and improves UC service quality. Learn more »

From the Blog

Taking A Summer Vacation? Your Network N…

August 15th, 2017

It's summertime and the living should be a bit easier, but if you have a network to manage it can be hard to relax and enjoy your summer vacation. Using a network performance management tool like MPA makes it easy to get peace of mind when you are away. Here are five best practices to manage your alarm notifications so that you can enjoy your time off with peace of mind year round. 1. Set It and Forget It You already… Read More »

Feature of the Week: Remote Access…

July 31st, 2017

A call comes in and there is a problem with a phone on the network in one of your remote offices. Without data from a network monitoring tool, troubleshooting is almost impossible and so you make arrangements to send a tech onsite to fix the issue. Sound familiar? With resources stretched, losing a tech resource even for a day is costly. Troubleshooting from afar becomes possible with Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA… Read More »

Martello Reads: Our Ultimate Summer Read…

July 27th, 2017

Summer is well upon us and while we are still working hard here at Martello, we also like to kick back every now and again with a good book ( and maybe a cold drink! ). We thought that we would share with you the books we are excited about reading on our summer vacation – a little literary inspiration for these hazy days of summer! Chris Cowan ( Software Developer ) | The ABC Murders, Agatha Christie & Undisput… Read More »

Feature of the Week: Using Thresholds…

July 25th, 2017

Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) uses thresholds to ensure you receive the performance data you want, when you want it – so that you can resolve problems quickly. Monitoring with a system that uses thresholds to drive performance alarms makes all the difference and by setting the appropriate thresholds, you can detect and correct minor issues before they escalate into major issues. Thresholds for voice quality (… Read More »

Feature of the Week: Reports and Quick Q…

July 18th, 2017

Reports can make a big impact when monitoring a network as it clearly demonstrates network performance and can help you improve planning.  In Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA), reports and queries can be scheduled, previewed, saved and then shared via email. Reports Performance & availability of devices over reporting period Customizable message and logo space  Reports by container or by device PDF and CSV form… Read More »