SidebarSchedulerNew to this release of Mitel Performance Analytics, the Operations Scheduler provides a centralized way of scheduling operations such as backups or SMDR collection on a group of devices. Streamlining operations allows you to easily manage your network and speeds common operations for whole groups of devices.

With the Scheduler Results Report you can confirm the outcome of a scheduled group of operations:

  • Download completed backup or SMDR files
  • Confirm current state of on-demand & scheduled operations
  • See recent results and success rate of scheduled operations

MiVoice Business

  • Backup
  • SMDR collection
  • Hot Desk logout
  • IDS Full/Incremental Sync
  • Go to Day/Night Service

MiVoice MX-ONE

  • Backups

Supported devices for backup are the MiVoice Business and the MiVoice MX-ONE. Supported devices for SMDR collection are the MiVoice Business, MiVoice Office 250, and the Avaya IP Office. The Scheduler Results is available directly from the MPA dashboard and can be quickly accessed. Watch our MPA 2.1 demo video for a more in-depth tour of the latest release or check out our MPA 2.1 Primer.


Ramp Up Quickly With A Simplified System Configuration Wizard

With Mitel Performance Analytics you can easily monitor and manage the performance of Mitel solutions. With each new release of MPA, we’re expanding and enhancing tools and device support to make it faster and easier to fix network problems. MPA customers tell us that they can deliver better service quality, which brings positive business outcomes.

We all know that managing customer sites and getting devices up and running can be time consuming. With this release of MPA 2.1, we have made it easier and faster to get started with our simplified System Configuration Wizard. MPA scans the network to discover Mitel and third-party devices, and the System Configuration Wizard takes you through all of the steps to license devices and get new customers up and running quickly. Devices can then be organized into containers by customer, region, location or function giving each its own portal.System Configuration Wizard

With the System Configuration Wizard you can:

  • Register your system and enter a valid customer ID

– Update or correct SMTP server settings specified during installation. The SMTP server is used by Mitel Performance Analytics to mail notification of alarms
– Send forgotten password reset links
– Deliver scheduled reports

  • Configure a Twitter account to receive Twitter DM notification of alarms
  • Configure a Twilio SMS account to receive SMS notifications of alarms
  • Supply a Google Maps API key to enable map coordinate lookup from street addresses


Looking for more on MPA 2.1’s latest features? Check out our MPA 2.1 Primer.

To date, the donations made through Martello’s Employee-Directed Gift Program have stayed pretty close to home. Employee-Gift-Program-LogoThis has been great because we have really been able to see the impact first-hand. However, the reach of a recent donation stretches a bit further and the dramatic, hands on way it is changing the lives of those in that community is nothing short of amazing. 

Most students cap off their high school graduation with an epic, fun filled trip somewhere down south where it’s warm and wonderful.  Since 2010, students from All Saints High School in Kanata have been heading down to the Dominican Republic (DR) to be a part of something that’s not only fun, but meaningful. The All Saints Dominican Republic Experience (ASDREX) gives students the opportunity to stay with local families in the town of Consuelo and work on a fully supported, early childhood education center called Todos Los Santos.  The program fully supports the center which is attended by 30 students from the community and employs two teachers that work at the facility. As part of their efforts prior to leaving for their trip, the students collect basic first aid items and toiletries as well as school supplies to donate to local families.  During their time there, the students work on projects at the center, tour homes in the community, spend time in the local sugarcane fields where most of the fathers work in the heat of the day to support their families and tackle local housing renewal projects.


When Martello CFO Paul Chatigny’s son Bennett expressed an interest in attending this year’s ASDREX he was excited to have him participate and also immediately knew where he wanted to direct his Employee-Directed Gift. “We wanted him to see first-hand how the families in the DR live and to see the dramatic impact that one individual can have on a community.”  When he returned, Paul said “Bennett not only had a good time, he will never forget the first-hand experience of life in a developing country.”

QuoteDanielle Baillie, the librarian technician at All Saints has been one of the trip coordinators since the program’s inception. Of the experience she says: “Taking part in the All Saints Dominican Experience trip for the last eight years has been an honour and a rewarding experience.  Each year I have the unique opportunity to take students on this Third World experience to show them life outside of the privilege we are born into as Canadians, and watch these students really “get it”.  It also warms my heart each year to be welcomed back to Consuelo by the people I have connected with and our ability to give back to that community by funding the early education center Todos Los Santos and other projects we and the students have worked hard to raise funds for over the years.”

This year, Bennett and the other students were able to tackle a housing project for a widow who had nine children. They painted her home and did some repair work that she needed done. The students were amazed that such a large family were living in a such a small home, and how in ten minutes they were able to remove all of the family’s sparse belongings. For these students it was an eye opening experience that could not have happened anywhere else and for those that made the trip, the effects of what they saw and did will last a lifetime. To build something, paint something or hand a child an item that you know will make a significant difference to them touches the students in ways that we can only imagine. Martello was truly inspired to have the opportunity to see the lasting impact that these students have on the families in this small community.

TroubleshootingTroubleshooting problems is among the IT community’s top problems when managing voice network performance. According to a recent survey, 90% of the time it takes to resolve network problems is spent finding its source. As the provider of voice network performance management software for Mitel solutions, we know that you’ll be spinning your wheels unproductively if you don’t have the right tools at your fingertips. Take a look at these troubleshooting tips, tried and true from managing the performance of more than 10,000 devices around the globe.

Tip #1: Detect Problems at an Early Stage

The earlier a problem is detected, the less impact it will have on users. It will also cause less panic and be resolved faster. The key here is a monitoring system that uses thresholds to drive performance alarms. Thresholds for voice quality, for example can be set to generate ‘Warning’ alarms for potential or impending problems, before any significant effects have been felt. Problems that are less critical for your organization can be set to a higher threshold, so that you’ll only be alerted if it reaches a Major or Critical performance impacting level.

Tip #2: Choose Remote Access Tools that Simplify Access to Network Devices

Secure access to remote devices is key to successful troubleshooting. However, options differ in terms of their cost and ease of use. Some, like VPNs, can be costly. Others are cumbersome, requiring the network admin to open the firewall each time you need access. Remote access tools like the one included in Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) use a locally installed probe to access devices, so there is no need for a VPN, and no need to open the firewall every time you require access. Access is single click, and cost effective with MPA included in Mitel’s Premium Software Assurance subscription.

TroubleshootingTip #3: Troubleshoot Voice Quality Problems Direct from the Handset

Voice quality problem to resolution is faster when you can launch IP traceroute directly from the call’s handset from the detailed voice quality records in the dashboard. MPA does this for calls generated from the MiVoice Business. It also offers a range of additional test tools launched from the dashboard, including ping, MTR, iftop and DNS lookup.

Tip #4: Get to the Source of Voice Quality Problems Faster by Monitoring the Infrastructure

Monitoring the status and performance of your PBX is the first step towards detecting and addressing voice quality problems. Threshold-based alerting means that you can choose to be notified at an early stage, and use the testing tools in MPA to determine where along the path a problem has happened. To kick it up a notch, though, start monitoring the switches, routers and servers on your network with MPA. This helps reduce time to resolution. Here’s why: when a voice quality problem happens, it typically starts from a resource problem (like strain on bandwidth manifesting in trouble reaching an edge router), or a failure of a device on the network. By monitoring these devices, you’ll see a pattern of multiple device alarms around the time of a voice quality alarm. If you’ve set your thresholds lower, you’ll see these problems at an early stage.

Managing the performance of voice networks starts with choosing monitoring tools that specialize in VoIP. Mitel customers and partners can choose Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA), which offers Mitel-specific voice quality management, along with monitoring of the surrounding network infrastructure. See what you can do with MPA.

Martello Move

It has been an exciting few weeks at Martello with our team participating in the CU Hackathon, sponsoring TEDxKanata and then moving last week to our shiny new office space! After the rush of the move, we are now able to catch our breath, look around and be reminded that this new space is a great testament to our team’s hard work and shows that we are ready for our next growth phase.

Any start-up struggles with how fast to grow and how to stay nimble. At Martello, we have experienced rapid growth over the past few years. Among the challenges of growth is how to best manage the space as the team expands. In recent years, we have experienced triple digit revenue growth leading us to be recognized as Ottawa’s Fastest Growing Company and named No.31 on PROFIT and Canadian Business 2016 Startup 50 list. With all this growth, it’s no surprise that our old space had gotten pretty cozy over the past few months and the constant shuffling of desks and making room for our remote employees and new co-op students had pretty much become second nature to us.

With our current headcount outgrowing the space, we were lucky to find an empty office literally across the hallway from our existing office. The new space needed some freshening up to be sure and of course we wanted to put that unique Martello spin on it!. Last Thursday, with the smell of fresh paint still lingering, we moved into our new digs and are slowly unpacking. As we continue to settle in over the next few weeks we are already planning an open house once we have everything unpacked and in place. We’ll also have the latest release of Mitel Performance Analytics 2.1 to showcase and maybe even a sneak peek of what’s to come in MPA 2.2.

At Martello, our doors are always open though so please don’t be shy so pop in and say hello – we would love to show you around!