For Mitel Performance Analytics R2.2 users, delivering reliable unified communications (UC) network performance just got a lot easier. This release sees the introduction of our Online Help resource, accessible from every page, filled with detailed content and simple to use.

Mitel Performance Analytics Online HelpContaining comprehensive information, this new resource is your go-to source for everything MPA. There is an easy to navigate menu that includes a section for when you are first getting started, troubleshooting tips and tricks as well as advanced user information for MPA ‘power users’.

Online Help Features Include:

  • Improved topic organization
    structure, and navigation
  • Cross-topic links
  • Improved search capability
  • Ability to print individual topics

With feature by feature descriptions, you can easily find out about how to take your MPA use to the next level. The search function makes drilling down onto what you need to know at that exact moment easy.

Mitel Performance Analytics Online Help

Screenshots and detailed user information steps you through areas you might be having trouble with.

Mitel Performance Analytics Online Help

Looking for more information on MPA R2.2? Take a look at our latest demo video or our ‘What’s New in MPA R2.2 Primer’.

We have had an amazing year at Martello with many business achievements to be proud of. As a company that prioritizes culture, a true measure of our success and satisfaction in 2017 has been the growth of our Employee-Directed Gift Program and being recognized with a second Employees’ Choice Award.

Employees Choice Awards

Last Thursday was a special night for us here at Martello, a group of us got to attend the Employees’ Choice Awards 2017-2018 (ECA) at the impressive Rideau Club in the heart of downtown Ottawa. We were thrilled to receive this award, which honours companies within the National Capital Region that recognize employees as their greatest asset. We are proud to have been selected as a winner of this award for the second time, which is based on a survey of our Ottawa employees.

This award was a real validation of the work we have done this year to enrich our company culture. A key point of pride for our team is the Employee-Directed Gift Program, which continued to grow in 2017 after being launched in 2016. The program has empowered employees to make a deeper connection with the community organizations that matter most to them. This year, the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) recognized the vision of Martello Co-Chairman, Bruce Linton in developing the company’s Employee-Directed Gift Program and honoured him with the Telfer Private Sector Leadership in Advanced Technology Award.

At Martello, we strive to be thoughtful about the way we nurture culture. Of the program, Bruce Linton has said, “Our employees are proud of the Employee-Directed Gift Program – it’s a unique ‘perk’ that has an impact far beyond our own walls. This recognition is great validation of our unique community-building approach to corporate culture”.

Catch up on the organizations we have been honoured to help in 2017.

Martello Gives Back

Continue to watch our blog and the hashtag #MartelloGivesBack to see the latest contributions made through this program. We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings as we expand the ripple effect of this program.

Last week’s SaaS North conference packed a powerhouse of content, key players and excitement into a two-day window. Coming away from this year’s conference there was no question that SaaS continues to be a force to be reckoned with in today’s technology landscape.  At Martello, we were lucky enough to have several members of our team attend SaaS North. Around the water cooler, the feedback was consistent and clear – this year’s conference has set the bar for SaaS driven content.  There were several key messages that rang that out consistently during the conference.

Make Your Focus Laser Sharp

The world is moving at lightning speed, and this is never more apparent than in the SaaS world where a lack of focus can quickly kill startups. Focus on your core product and customer base and work hard to solve a real problem for them. You should be skeptical about the latest and greatest gadgets that promise to increase productivity or when someone starts touting something as the ‘next best thing’. While it might seem counterintuitive, companies should practice saying ‘NO’ until they get very comfortable with the idea of turning away from opportunities that distract from this focus.

Your Brand is Critical

In a sea of SaaS companies how do you get yours to stand out? The answer is: brand, brand and brand. Driven home at SaaS North was how critical it is to build your brand. We all want to position our product as the best and brightest and to do this we often roll out a laundry list of features and benefits. It is the brand of your company that truly becomes your key differentiator in a crowded marketplace. Branding has traditionally been viewed as its own unique exercise, but it is brand appreciation and recognition that creates purchase intent in your buyer. Today’s customers think brand when it comes time to buy and if your product has perceived value, you should not have to ‘sell it’ if your brand is strong.

The Age of the Hyper-Educated Customer

Today, when customers are looking for a new product they do their research. By the time they are ready to make a purchase they typically have extensive knowledge about the product, have read reviews, know the competition and are ready to make a purchase. On the flip side, customers are more distracted than ever and are bombarded by messaging from multiple channels. Great sales reps cultivate emotional connections with customers who are looking for outcomes, not sales transactions. As an industry, we need to redefine the roles of sales and marketing to meet the needs of customers and provide them with bespoke content and the best possible customer experiences. Customer engagement is truly the way to increase SaaS growth and both your sales and marketing teams will rise or fall together.

Pick a Good Dance Partner

When you are first getting your SaaS off the ground there are several growth paths to consider.. For many start-ups, the real innovation challenge lies not in the technology, but in taking a thoughtful approach to their go to market strategy. In our early days, Martello quickly recognized that our SaaS could solve a business problem for Mitel. A partnership was born, and has delivered success to both Mitel and Martello.SaaS North was a great opportunity for Martello CEO, Bruce Linton and Mitel’s Jim Davies to share that story and the lessons learned in building a successful partnership. It is critical for start-ups to look at all opportunities and not be quick to discount forging a key relationship as a growth strategy. Looking for some more partnership hacks for SaaS growth? Take a look at the blog we wrote for L-Spark.

SaaS North continues to grow and gain traction, another sign of Canada’s burgeoning global role in SaaS. One of the hidden gems from the conference was the report complied by L-Spark titled “State of SaaS 2017” which takes a deep dive into the highlights and growth from the Canadian SaaS ecosystem over the past year. The dates for next year’s conference are already booked into our calendar and we can’t wait to gather the SaaS community together again. Kudos to the entire SaaS North team for making this conference a reality. See you in 2018!

With the recent release of Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) we have improved the way in which trunk utilization data is displayed, for simplified capacity planning. Why monitor trunk utilization? Trunks that are overcapacity can cause busy signals and other problems. Conversely, knowing that trunks are underused can avoid the cost of adding capacity. Instead of guessing, you’ll know with trunk utilization data. In previous versions, it could be more challenging to drill down to get to the usage data that you needed – when you needed it. The extended utilization capabilities brings the information to the user’s fingertips with granular views that help the user to see the bigger picture. This ability to analyze the data now makes it easier to spot trends and issues on the network.

This release has improved storage and display of data related to:

  • MiVoice Business trunk utilization and SIP trunk utilization
  • MiVoice MX-ONE route utilization and gateway utilization
  • MiVoice Border Gateway trunk utilization

Mitel Performance Analytics Trunk Utilization

The expanded view provides a more detailed, individual trunk group metrics. Individual trunk groups are listed to the left. Selecting a trunk group displays its data on the right. Traffic usage is expressed in CCS (hundred call seconds).

Available metrics are:

  • Inbound, outbound and outbound busy call rates (calls per hour)
  • Outbound and outbound traffic (CCS)
  • Maximum number of outbound trunks available and used (number)

An easy to use timescale selector allows you to customize the time range of your view. With the selector you can:

  • Select a fixed timescale for the last HourDayWeekMonth, and Year.
  • Create your timescale using the arrows, sliders, and the Zoom-inZoom-outand Fit to Selection

Mitel Performance Analytics Trunk Utilization

With MPA R2.2’s expanded capabilities you can clearly know when to upgrade your network to keep pace with increasing demand. For more detail on MPA R2.2 take a look at our latest demo video or our ‘What’s New in MPA R2.2 Primer’.

When we came away from last year’s inaugural SaaS North conference in Ottawa we were impressed with the calibre of sessions and keynotes, but most importantly were excited to be at a conference with a laser focus on the SaaS industry. The success of SaaS North is yet another sign of Ottawa’s shift from a telecom to a software as a service city. Want to know the top reasons why we are counting down the days to SaaS North? Read on…

Let’s Take a Deep Dive

Sometimes when you attend a technology conference, there are a handful of sessions that highlight issues that you might encounter in SaaS but the content can be pretty light. We love how at SaaS North you can count on every session having a laser focus on our industry – offering specialized and niche sessions that address the nuances and specific demands of SaaS. The presenters have truly ‘walked the walk’ and are able to give clear, experience-driven advice and guidance.

All Things SaaS

There really is no other conference in Canada with such a hyper-focus on SaaS, from customer acquisition and success, to scaling up and marketing growth hacks. For our team at Martello, to spend two days immersed in SaaS and to be surrounded by a community that are facing the same struggles and successes is refreshing. We have been looking over the agenda and are excited and impressed by the breadth of sessions offered. So, what’s on our ‘must attend’ list?

Doug Bellinger, VP, Research & Development: The AI Race is on: AI first startups are emerging all over and the big players are gobbling them up

Ben Tucker, Sales & Marketing Coordinator: Going Global- The Do’s, The Don’ts, The How and The Why and Retention – They Came for The Free Coffee, They Left With a Full Meal

Paul Chatigny, Chief Financial Officer: Mergers and Acquisitions: Making Successful Exits and Money Talks: From Seed through to series A,B,C. Hear from Angels, Micro VCs, VCs, and Alternative Lenders

Sara Purdon, Marketing Specialist: A fully loaded Marketing Stack: Must have tools and resources and the roles your need on your marketing team

Tracy King, Director of Marketing: Culture, Diversity, Inclusivity: Defining it, Building it, and Maintaining it and SaaSenomics: Hometown Heroes from Startup to Scale-Up

Pardeep Koonar, Director of Sales:  Mergers and Acquisitions: Making Successful Exits and Customer Success & Sale Leading to Scale: Founder Story

Mohamed Boukaa, Product ManagerSelling the Future: 3 Surprising Principles Modern Sellers Need to Master and Going from 3 to 500: What does aging gracefully look like for a fast-growing company?

Salina Tran, Marketing: AI: Understanding the value of Data

Partnering for SaaS Growth – Why It Takes an Ecosystem

We’re often asked about our unique experience partnering with a larger player in our industry. That’s why this year we jumped at the opportunity to share our lessons learned partnering as part of Mitel’s ecosystem. Martello CEO Bruce Linton will look at partnering as a growth strategy for SaaS companies, joined by Mitel’s Jim Davies for a perspective on how to successfully leverage relationships with SaaS players. Add this moderated panel discussion to your list of sessions to attend and we will see you there!

The Keynotes

When you are working at a SaaS start-up, the day-to-day is mostly spent focused on the nitty-gritty details of getting your job done. At SaaS North, we relish the opportunity to take a breath and get a fresh perspective on what we are doing. One of the best ways to do that is by attending the keynote presentations – they are always inspiring and make you come back with a slew of new ideas and a fresh take on the industry. Some of the Keynotes we are excited to attend this year include that by Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, TheBoardlist founder as well as that delivered by local success story Shopify COO, Harley Finkelstein.

Network, Network, Network

Yes, we kind of hate the word ‘network’ and all the shmoozing imagery it can bring up but we really would be remiss if we did not mention the great networking opportunities that abound at SaaS North. It is not every day that you have so many SaaS heavyweights in one space. Whether we are walking the floor in the Investors Zone or deep in the hustle and bustle of The Workspaces area – it’s always a great event for our team, bringing us closer together as we learn new things and get inspired by the sessions we attend.

SaaS North’s inaugural event last year was impressive to say the least and solidified the SaaS community in North America. This year at Martello, our team is excited to return and see how much it has grown in 2017 – a true reflection of the traction and excitement surrounding SaaS as it continues to gear up, getting bigger and better.