Real-time communications are at the core of networking challenges facing hospitality providers today. Next week, a team from Martello will be heading down to HITEC.  If you are planning on attending the show, chances are you will be checking into a hotel and you’ll be expecting lightning quick internet and easy communications with the front desk, as part of the other standard amenities. Martello will be attending HITEC so we can show how we help hotels deliver on this promise, improving the guest experience while keeping costs in check.

Meet Martello at booth #1729 to find out how you can build the agile and resilient network infrastructure that is needed for real-time services like unified communications. We offer flexible and modular SD-WAN and performance management tools  with ‘as a service’ delivery options.

Book your calendar! Martello is proud to be sponsoring an education session at HITEC: Emerging Technologies – The New, New Things on Tuesday, June 19th @ 4pm. Join us to find out how you can keep pace with technology trends in an industry where patrons have sky high expectations. Find out More.

So many reasons why we are counting down to HITEC!  If you are going to be there and want to find out more, book some time with us to talk.

In 2014, FIFA World Cup Brazil gained almost 3 billion online views1 as fans tuned in to cheer for their country. For some, it is just another day at work – to get in on the action, employees live stream footage over their laptops or mobile devices. As footage is available 24/7/365, video streaming is even more accessible, growing online viewing by 36% and mobile viewing by 248%1. This aggressive case of World Cup fever is doing more damage to the office network than most CIOs would imagine.

Without the ability to prioritize network traffic by importance, your network may struggle under the weight of heavy bandwidth consumption.  No matter how exciting the soccer match might be, the last thing you want is for a critical VoIP call or webinar to be dropped or experience performance issues like delay or echo.

With Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN), your network will run optimally even when video traffic is heavy. Using multiple links concurrently prevents service disruption by automatically distributing inbound and outbound network traffic based on the criteria you’ve set. This allows you to prioritize applications and voice calls to the fastest carrier links available in a network infrastructure. Link aggregation and dynamic path selection ensure the most critical services, such as unified communications (UC) are working at all times, even as live streaming intensifies.

Martello’s Elfiq SD-WAN solution uses a series of nineteen policy-based bandwidth management algorithms to assess outgoing and incoming traffic, balancing it with the amount of available bandwidth on each link. Traffic is automatically routed in real-time to avoid broken or underperforming links. In the case of heavy UC traffic streams, the network will prioritize it first to make sure the packets get to their destination unhindered.

SD-WAN can prepare your network to manage all of the World Cup action this summer, without sacrificing business needs.


This week, Mitel hosted their 8th Annual Mitel Innovation Day. At Martello, it is always an exciting day to be a part of with lots of energy and BIG ideas being showcased.  From the opening Keynote to the amazing presentations to the high energy awards ceremony at the end – it was another great day to be at Mitel.

In conversation during our sessions it was clear that Mitel strives for better customer experiences –  and providing reliable network performance is key to making that happen.  A network monitored with Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) delivers better network performance for business success.

We know that the move to the cloud is changing everything. During our session we talked about how with MPA you can manage your entire network with a deep focus on Mitel voice quality – easily identify small problems before they grow. When it comes to building an agile and resilient network structure, SD-WAN technology makes managing and optimizing competing network traffic simple and cost effective.

Did you join us and have any follow up questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us or pop by the Martello office – we would be happy to talk!

Demand for network bandwidth has never been greater and the need to provide stellar unified communications performance has never been higher. Imagine the needs of a typical office where multiple forms of communication are happening simultaneously. One team is running a web conference with a satellite office, another employee is listening to music while working and at the same time, the technical support team is receiving a call from a customer. So how do you meet the challenge of providing reliable network performance while keeping up with the growing demand?

This month’s release of Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) R2.3 will help you see problems more easily and provide you with actionable usage and capacity data to help you make smart decisions about your network. MPA R2.3 makes network monitoring easier by building it into existing workflows and provides flexible tools to get the information you need. MPA R2.3 helps you see the anomalies ensuring that the right problem is highlighted at the right time. This release also introduces robust usage reporting on MiVoice Business SIP trunks and MiCollab AWV ports – helping with capacity planning, reducing overspending and preventing costly problems.

See anomalies, adapt to your workflow and get actionable data

Take a look at what’s new in the latest release of MPA R2.3

Agent Based Network Testing – Test VoIP and network performance with synthetic calls to quickly pinpoint a problem with tools customized to voice and video. (SIP Call, MTR, SIP Registration, External Call)

Analytics – Trunk Traffic & AWV Utilization Reports – Know when more capacity is needed for better performance and identify cost saving opportunities with utilization reports.

MX-ONE IPv6 Support – Support for latest standard to ensure uninterrupted VQ and IP set Inventory.

Flexible Alerting – Improve customizability of email alert content to accommodate your existing business practices or applications.

Custom Alarm Filters – See the right alerts at the right time, with filters for severity, keyword, device type, label.

Schedulable Maintenance Mode – Schedule single or groups of devices into maintenance mode. Group Scheduling simplifies bulk device maintenance and ensures devices come out of maintenance mode when done.

Redesign of Primary Navigation –  Access the data and tools you need more easily with a primary navigation menu that is intuitive, for a better user experience.

2 Factor Authentication – Enhance the security operations of your MPA instance with industry leading authentication standard.

MPA R2.3 Tools

Network management doesn’t need to be like navigating in the dark, MPA R2.3 gives you tools to see clearly and data to make smart decisions.

Looking for an Overview? Read our primer ‘What’s New in MPA R2.3

Visit the Website: Click here for the latest information on MPA R2.3

Get the Latest MPA R2.3 Documentation: Technical documents, presentations & brochures

MPA R2.3 Infographic

Check out the game-changing performance analytics with this MPA R2.3 Infographic.


As the hockey season starts to wrap up this year, many teams are looking back at their season and patting themselves on the back for a job well done. Long-time Martello employee Geoff Stewart, has always been passionate about the game of hockey with his two kids following in his footsteps playing competitive hockey. Geoff is a dedicated

hockey coach to both of his children’s hockey teams and because of this, he decided to use his Employee-Directed Gift to support his daughter’s hockey team this year. The team of girls, aged 13-14 are part of the Ottawa Girls Hockey Association (OGHA) and their team is called the Ottawa Ice. At this level, the girls are on the ice three to five times a week and the teams compete with other leagues throughout Eastern Ontario and participate in several weekend tournaments that take place throughout the province.

With a big upcoming tournament in Cambridge on the horizon, Geoff knew that he wanted to help offset some of the cost for the team by using his Employee-Directed Gift. This three day tournament was going to be significant for the team because it would give them the opportunity to face other opponents from all over Ontario not just local to the Ottawa area. These teams also play a different style of hockey which can be a bit more physical – the Ottawa Ice were also choosing to play up a division for this tournament, adding to the challenge. It was an amazing weekend for the Ottawa Ice with lots of memories and they came out of it feeling like they had really risen to the challenge facing different teams from a higher level.

Martello is proud to help these eager young athletes get a chance to compete and support local hockey associations.

“Gifts like those made by Martello support the athletes and opens up additional opportunities for them to compete. It is because of contributions like those made by Martello, that the players are able to off-set some of the expenses associated with attending a tournament.” Fred Barzyk, President of the Ottawa Girls Hockey Association

“I am proud to work at a company like Martello because they value the outside interests and volunteer commitments of its employees. Martello supports their employees in the work that we are doing both inside and outside of the office.” Geoff Stewart, Martello Software Architect

It is always exciting to see young athletes challenge themselves and for this team of young female hockey players this away tournament was a BIG deal.  At Martello, we are proud to see the continued reach of our Employee-Directed Gift Program.  Want to see what we are doing next? Stay tuned to our blog for more…