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A Closer Look: Savision iQ 2.6

Martello acquired Savision in November, 2018 to add to our growing portfolio of solutions to bring clarity and control to complex IT infrastructures. Our products monitor, manage and optimize the performance of real-time applications on networks, while giving IT teams and service providers control and visibility of their entire IT infrastructure.

Network Performance Management  Prevent, detect, troubleshoot and address performance problems on unified communications networks, including delay, jitter, packet loss, and poor voice quality.

SD-WAN Solutions  Transform ageing networks to build an affordable, resilient WAN infrastructure across multiple circuits and VPNs for business continuity and enhanced network performance.

IT Analytics and Visualization  Integrate and control all your existing monitoring, cloud, and service management tools with clean and personalized dashboards that can be accessed anywhere, from any device.

Our Solution

Savision is a powerful ITOps solution that integrates and controls all your existing monitoring, cloud, and service management tools. It solves problems by putting the issue right in front of you on clean and personalized dashboards that can be accessed anywhere, from any device.

Reducing alert noise and automatically organizing IT data from any source speeds up root cause analysis and improves your overall service delivery.

Dashboards for all your IT Data

Visualize all your IT data on personalized dashboards that includes everything from high-level information to detailed performance trends.




Alert Management and Noise Reduction

Gain access to all your computers, alerts and incidents in seconds. With a tool that reduces noise, you will always see urgent issues surface on the platform.




Service Modeling and Application Mapping

Import all the mapping and groups from your monitoring and service management tools. This will allow you to immediately drill down to the root cause if a service is affected.



Automated Incidents and Workflows

Savision allows you to automatically correlate alerts and create incidents in your Service Management tool. This helps you stay in control of your environment by organizing alert storms into actionable, easy-to-prioritize tickets.




Single Pane of Glass

All your existing monitoring, cloud, and service management tools integrate with Savision, so you can have an overview of all your data while retaining the benefits and strength of each tool. Track your applications across different domains and control their live status through a smart layer that sits on top of your IT environment.



We are proud to announce our latest Savision Alert Management (Savision iQ) release. Savision iQ v2.6 is now available on our website and provides several bug fixes and improvements.

Here are the highlights:

  • Dynamic boards and business services – this means Components on Boards and Business Services perspectives can now be populated using dynamic rules defined by simple or advanced search criteria
  • New out-of-the-box integrations with AppDynamics, Microsoft Office 365 and Splunk
  • Elasticsearch upgrade to version 6.5
  • Live Maps services can now be imported in iQ with a few clicks
  • Grid columns can now be customized
  • Board health can now be visualized using pie charts
  • Performance and scalability improvements for boards

Still have questions? Reach out to our Customer Success team via email