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CASE STUDY: Gilat Satellite Networks

June 12, 2019

Single-Pane-of-Glass to Support Transition to New Monitoring Tools

Gilat Satellite Networks is a leading global provider of satellite-based broadband communications. Gilat provides thousands of enterprises, service providers and operators with efficient and reliable satellite-based connectivity solutions. Addressing the needs of residential broadband access, cellular backhaul, enterprise communications, in-flight connectivity, rail and maritime mobility, defence and public safety applications, Gilat’s products and solutions are in use in more than 90 countries worldwide. Martello’s solution to create custom IT dashboards for broadband communications helped Gilat get started with creating efficiencies and visibility in their business.

Key Challenges

Gilat Satellite Networks has been expanding its managed services division and the monitoring set-up had to be updated to keep up with the growing requirements of the operation. In addition to that, the monitoring was not centralized but spread over numerous Zabbix instances and separate networks, making its maintenance expensive and complicated. To make the set-up more efficient, the NOC team planned to migrate to Paessler PRTG and centralize all the network monitoring. In order to accelerate the transition without running into issues, the team had to use the monitoring tools side by side and troubleshoot any discrepancies to ensure the current standards are maintained and improved.

Martello Supports the Migration to Paessler PRTG

Gilat Satellite Networks needed a powerful single pane of glass solution to easily manage the migration and make sure they had full visibility of the two systems side-by-side.

“We needed a simple and efficient solution to manage this project and quickly complete the migration. [Martello] was the perfect fit for our requirements and ensure everything kept running smoothly during configuration testing.”
– Amit Levi, Global NOC Manager

With Martello’s solution, the team was able to:

  • Easily and quickly connect the legacy and new systems with minimal set up
  • Create custom views combining data and alerts from different monitoring tools
  • Monitor their service availability and making sure their SLAs were not affected during the migration
  • Easily evaluate and troubleshoot different configurations

Further Developments with Martello

After the transition is completed, Gilat Satellite Networks plans to keep innovating and Martello will play a key role in ITOps development. The next step will be adding an ITSM integration to their instance, which will allow them to automate alert-to-incident workflows and accelerate incident resolution. In the long term, Martello’s Elasticsearch database will become the foundation for a Machine Learning event-management system.



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