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Finding the Needle in the UC Network Haystack

November 4, 2015

Like finding the needle in a haystack, finding the source of a voice quality problem is a big, time consuming task for IT personnel. Today’s networks are increasingly complex, with cloud and premise, BYOD, and a range of equipment from multiple vendors. In fact, in a 2014 study, 75% of network professionals cites identifying the source of an issue as their key troubleshooting problem.

When it comes to voice quality, issues such as echo, delay or jitter are symptoms. The trick is in finding the source of the problem on a big, complex network infrastructure. Addressing all of the systems on a network is time consuming – meanwhile the user is experiencing voice quality problems.

That’s why a UC performance management strategy needs to monitor not only the UC solution – handsets, call servers, platforms – but the many devices in the surrounding network infrastructure. Your voice quality problem could be coming from a malfunctioning router or misconfigured switch. To find that needle in the haystack, you need to monitor the performance of the entire network infrastructure. Monitoring VQ tells us there IS a problem. Monitoring the rest of the infrastructure tells us WHERE.

In November, Martello introduces a new capability to UC Performance Management solutions that makes it easier for Mitel partners, service providers and customers to monitor their entire network from a single interface. Stay tuned!


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