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Last Day of The Quarter – Smooth Sailing?

Last Day of The Quarter – Smooth Sailing?
March 22, 2024

You’re 24 hours away from the next quarter. Have you achieved everything in this one that you wanted to? Got a last-minute deal you need to get over the line? That’s ok, your favorite customer is just a quick video call away from signing on the dotted line – that’ll help you hit your target. Be a real problem if the call kept dropping out though – especially if they asked to reschedule. Oh, no, suddenly, your Teams is acting up! A Microsoft Teams glitch is not what you need today.

A Microsoft Teams Glitch Is Everyone’s Problem

It’s always more painful when something you expect to work falls over. Dislocated expectation is generally the most frustrating thing we all have to deal with at work. We think the work’s finished, but something else gets added to the in-tray. A platform that normally doesn’t create any problems suddenly delivers a subpar experience. If you’re used to jumping in and out of calls without much issue, when you suddenly get a problem – particularly on a critical call – it’s going to be that more painful.

Our intro was slightly tongue-in-cheek, but it’s something one of our customers actually went through before they brought Vantage DX on board. Teams is a critical system. Try and arrange work in a hybrid team, interact with customers, and share files without – see how you get on. We used the example of a sales situation being hit with digital friction (more on that later) but it’s not just sales that take a hit when videos pixelate and audio stutters. It can be just as impactful on internal ops.

Let’s take the idea that you’re working in a senior HR function, and you’re making sure that performance reviews and records are up-to-date – ahead of a critical audit for a quality standard that your customers require you to maintain.

You jump into a series of meetings to catch up with your team who have been carrying out the interviews so that you can get a lay of the land ahead of the audit. The problem is suddenly a Microsoft Teams glitch, no one can hear the questions you’re trying to ask, and the quality of the call from their end means you can’t interpret how well things are actually going. Those qualitative factors in conversation and communication are what add color to black-and-white facts.

What’s The Alternative?

So, your sales team missed out on the last-minute deal they needed to tie up targets, your HR team couldn’t get a handle on its audit deliverables, and every other department in your business has in some way been on the receiving end of a poor Teams experience that resulted in a negative outcome for the business.

Not great.

But it can be better. A lot better, in fact.

Vantage DX gives your IT team a complete view of everything going on across your whole Teams setup. That means they can quickly find the root causes of problems, fix things before anyone even gets interrupted, and help save the last day of every quarter, month, week, or call. No more of Microsoft Teams glitch.

If you’re in an enterprise-level organization, your IT team can’t keep an eye on everything all at once, unless you give them the right tool. Vantage DX offers proactive detection so that IT can spot problems before you experience them. When it all works properly, you shouldn’t even know it’s happening – no dislocated expectation.

Want to find out how to make sure every Teams interaction is top-notch? Your team needs Vantage DX, so contact Martello today to find out more.


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