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Manage Complexity, Retain Customers

May 27, 2014

May 29, 2014
The appeal of the cloud for channels and their business customers is both persistent and pervasive. Hosted IPT services are expected to more than triple between 2012 and 2017. To keep up, communications infrastructure is moving into the cloud and unified communications offerings are being built out and strengthened with a suite of hosted software, hosted solutions, and software-as‐a-service (SaaS).

The resulting complexity of ‘anywhere anytime’ operations can prove costly to service providers. Their business customers have high expectations for round‐the-clock assurance on service availability, quality and security, and low barriers to switch providers if they are not satisfied.
This is the ground where Martello Technologies is proving invaluable with its remote service software, MarWatch. MarWatch delivers simplified, proactive and powerful management and monitoring for unified communications applications.

MarWatch reduces downtime by proactively monitoring the network to verify that it is secure, reliable, and functioning optimally from anywhere in the world. More than that, MarWatch helps service providers plan ahead by identifying and tracking patterns for capacity planning and load balancing decisions that will improve network performance and satisfy even their most demanding business customers.

MitelNetSolutions, a leading provider of hosted solutions and services for small to medium businesses, has found MarWatch to be an essential piece of the unified communications solution puzzle. ToddWest, Mitel NetSolutions Vice President of Operations, explained the importance of offering a complete solution that includes product as well as ongoing monitoring, maintenance and support. “Historically, selling the box and the software was all you needed to do,” said West, “but now we must earn customer loyalty by having a complete virtual solution that gives us a sound competitive advantage”.

Working with Martello Technologies, Mitel NetSolutions created a complete and powerful suite of network tools that allows the NetSolutions Service Management Center to monitor customer networks to maximize uptime and proactively troubleshoot potential impediments.

The Mitel NetSolutions Cloud Network Center (CloudNOC) now boasts 24/7/365 network monitoring and management services with industry-leading customer service hold times of 15 seconds or less. It’s a powerful differentiator that Mitel NetSolutions has made central to its customer-focused unified communications solutions. “We include our network monitoring and management solution CloudNOC powered by Martello Technologies as one of our core advantages” commented West. “MarWatch gives us comprehensive visibility into a customer’s quality of service and allows us to respond quickly”.

For unified communications service and solution providers like Mitel NetSolutions, customer satisfaction and retention go hand-in-hand. In the stampede to the cloud, Martello Technologies raises their appeal to those business customers who want the freedom of the cloud, without sacrificing business critical service reliability.


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