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What Did the Teams Incident Do To Your Company’s Productivity on Friday Afternoon?

What Did the Teams Incident Do To Your Company’s Productivity on Friday Afternoon?
January 26, 2024

Judging by the tweet storm (or is that called an X storm now?), productivity in corporate North America took a big hit as the week ended.  Microsoft Teams had an issue that was “impacting multiple Microsoft Teams features”.

Users reported problems of: messages not posting, inability to access files, and interrupted workflows.


Luckily these kind of global Teams incidents are rare, but Teams issues not caused by Microsoft, that are under the control of an enterprise, occur much more frequently, causing up to 85% of Teams incidents.  These incidents are due to things in every enterprise’s control, like weak low network bandwidth, endpoints without enough RAM, or service provider network problems.  They result in many of the same kinds of challenges for your employees as today’s Microsoft incident.

We took a look at the challenges experienced by a number of enterprises using Teams for calls and meetings and found that at least 3.1% of calls/meetings have poor video audio quality or drop entirely. That may not sound like much, but when you consider that a 5,000 person company on average makes 115,000 calls a month, that amounts to almost 1.4 million poor or dropped calls a year.

Real Impact on Your Business

Think of the impact on the productivity of your company.  That same 5,000 person company we just talked about? Teams call quality issues amounted to over $500k in lost productivity annually!

For something with such an impact across your organization, it is puzzling that most enterprises don’t proactively monitor for Teams issues.  In fact they are often blind to Teams issues, because it is estimated that only 84% of users report when they have a Teams issue.  The productivity of teams is really just being left to chance.

The good news is that enterprises are waking up to the very real impact poor Teams call quality  has on not only productivity, but other impacts as well like poor customer experience that can result in damage to your brand.

Proactively Detect and Resolve Faster with Vantage DX

That’s where Martello’s Vantage DX shines.  We help enterprises proactively detect Teams problems, by simulating user behavior with Teams using synthetic testing.  We also take all of the Microsoft call quality data and correlate it with the results of synthetic testing, as well as network path analysis.  This allows us to find the root cause of Teams issues, resolve them and optimize your IT environment.

Vantage DX detected the Teams outage on Friday 45 minutes before Microsoft announced there was an incident.  This meant Vantage DX customers had early warning, and were able to prepare users for the impact of the Teams incident.  To learn more about the incident and what Vantage DX found, check out this blog. 


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