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While Splunk is very good at presenting technical information metrics for the monitored assets, translating this information into Service Level views that management or businesses can understand is challenging. This problem also arises when the IT department needs to share service management information about end to end services with the NOC and Helpdesk and increase when additional cloud services such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Azure or AWS are managed.

What is Martello Vantage for Splunk?

Martello Vantage DX is a Service Management monitoring platform that brings together metrics from Splunk, correlates them with your existing infrastructure monitoring tools and adds network path visualization and troubleshooting capabilities to create actionable Service Level dashboards. It also gives IT a single pane of glass for all cloud services including deep dive monitoring capabilities for Microsoft Teams.

Key Benefits

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  • Easily design end to end Business services to monitor the service delivery of your applications.
  • Find and troubleshoot root cause of failing components in seconds.

  • Visualize the route to the cloud between your key locations and any cloud or on-premise endpoint. 
  • Instant detection of network and infrastructure components affecting your cloud services. 
  • Correlate Splunk with your existing infrastructure monitoring data.

  • Organize Splunk services and applications monitoring data into custom SLA.
  • Share end to end service delivery overview with management, NOC and businesses.

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  • Automatically group all your users calls by location, ISP and type of issues.  
  • Create custom alerts to stay ahead of Teams call issues. 
  • Gather all data needed to troubleshoot issues.

Key Features

  • Identify and prioritize health issues easily by understanding visually how they impact business critical services.
  • Troubleshoot and find root cause of failing components inside the entire IT environment managed by Splunk.

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  • Retrieve rules, health states and alerts from services, alerts and fire alerts.
  • Find anything in your environment in seconds with “Google search like” capabilities.
  • Create custom reports based on saved search and automatic dashboards.

  • Correlate on-premises, network and cloud alerts into business service directly synchronize with the ITSM tools.
  • Filter nuisance alarms and reduce event noise by up to 90%.

  • Connect to Azure Monitor, AWS or Google Cloud to benefit from service mapping, event management, root cause analysis and ITSM dynamic integration for your entire hybrid environment. 
  • Collect and alert on all Microsoft Teams voice and network issues.

Get started with Martello Vantage for Splunk!

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