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Demonstrate Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams Service Quality to your Management Automatically and Track External SLA Achievements

Microsoft 365 and Teams are critical for business continuity and employee productivity in the modern workplace. This means that both business lines and an MSP customers’ need detailed performance and reliability reports. To provide this, IT needs to correlate the quality of the service provided by Microsoft itself with the true end user experience. This can be challenging without proper monitoring tools for Microsoft SLA.

Martello Vantage DX reports on the quality of the service provided by Microsoft and the one that is actually experienced by your end-users to identify the gaps that you can act on to continuously improve user satisfaction.

Key Microsoft Service Level Agreement Reports Features

Define and Track Custom SLA/OLA for Your Microsoft 365 Services

  • Easily choose the perimeter of your SLA.
  • Include end user experience, application performance, network and infrastructure health in overall Microsoft 365 service delivery SLA.
Microsoft 365 Performance Reports (SLA/OLA) Screenshot Martello

Provide Service Level Reports Identifying Root Cause of Any Degradation

  • Automatically receive service performance reports over time.
  • View detailed information about every SLA/OLA breach (when, where, what, severity).
Service Level Agreement Reporting Martello

Share Service Level Dashboard With Business Lines and Stakeholders

  • Provide different access rights to your stakeholders to view SLAs/OLAs achievement in real time.
  • Automatically schedule performance reports shared with management, business lines or customers.

Track ISPs and Microsoft SLAs

  • Track ISP network performance from your critical locations to the Microsoft Global Network and measure SLA achievement over time.
  • Measure Microsoft 365 SLAs from a Microsoft point of view.
Assess The Performance Of Your Users’ Route To The Cloud – Site By Site With Microsoft Active Network Path Analysis

Key Microsoft SLA Reports Benefits

Demonstrate and Report on Microsoft 365 Service Quality Delivered to Business Lines and Customers

Performance icon

Improve Your Overall Performance by Spotting Root Cause of Service Disruptions

Get All the Data You Need to Discuss SLA Achievement With Your Service Providers


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Manage your end to end Microsoft 365 Service Performance with advanced SLA/OLA reporting capabilities.

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