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10 Things from the MarWatch 5.0 Demo Video

April 21, 2015

The new MarWatch 5.0 demo video offers a glimpse into our latest release, including how the new multi-tenant structure is managed, and new features like advanced search. You’ll also see some of the most important features of the solution, like alerts and voice quality. We think you’ll be well on your way to expert Mitel Performance Analytics status after watching the video. Here’s 10 things you’ll learn from the MarWatch 5.0 demo:

  1. What a container is, and who needs them.
  2. How to see the most critical device performance problems easily.
  3. How to find any device quickly.
  4.  How to find the R Factor, IP source/destination, codec, packet loss, jitter and delay data for any call using MiVoice Business.
  5. What will happen if an IP handset is disconnected from the MiVoice Business or MiVoice Border Gateway.
  6. What types of devices you can expect to monitor with Mitel Performance Analytics.
  7. Which testing tools are rapidly available from the Mitel Performance Analytics dashboard.
  8. How to access a monitored device securely from anywhere in the world.
  9. How to create a Mitel Performance Analytics report.
  10. Which devices will we add next, for Mitel Performance Analytics monitoring and management?

So what are you waiting for? Watch the MarWatch 5.0 demo video below:


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