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With Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) provided by Martello, partners and enterprises have delivered optimal service quality for their end-users. But as Unified Communications have become critical for business continuity, end-to-end Service Delivery and SLA management for Mitel services have become key to ensure end-user productivity. Moreover, the use of Mitel services in combination with Microsoft Teams has made the management of overall Voice and collaboration performance harder to maintain.

What Is Martello Vantage DX for Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA)?

Martello Vantage DX upgrades your MPA solution by adding true Event Management, end-to-end service mapping and the ability to fully monitor Microsoft Teams service and call quality.

You can ensure the best Mitel UC experience while reducing your cost and time to repair any incident.

Key Mitel Performance Analytics Benefits

  • Design end-to-end services by correlating MPA data with your existing monitoring tools.
  • Design, manage, and share custom SLAs correlating monitored objects into Business services for your Mitel services.

Performance icon

  • Identify root cause of service disruptions faster.
  • Determine precisely where latency issues are and who owns them.
  • Prioritize network and infrastructure issues by understanding visually how they impact Mitel UC Service Delivery and Microsoft Teams performance.

  • Correlate your MPA and network alerts into Service Incidents directly pushed to your ITSM tools.
  • Reduce event noise by up to 90%.
  • Get full visibility on Service incident resolution.

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  • Monitor Teams calls, meetings and collaborative capabilities in real time.
  • Collect and alert on every bad call with actionable data.
  • Analyze the route to the cloud from your users to Microsoft Teams services.

Key Mitel Performance Analytics Features

Mitel UC Service Map

  • Proactively identify potential issues before they become service problems.
  • Identify if supplier services are affecting Mitel UC service delivery.
  • Troubleshoot latency issues in seconds.

Elasticsearch Power

  • Use ElasticSearch engine to find and match any IT asset in your entire environment.
  • Create custom incident reports to ease post-mortem analysis and continuous service improvement.

Service Level Dashboards

  • Visualize the status of all your services for all your customers or business locations in a single pane of glass.
  • Define custom live dashboards for your business lines and customers.

Single Pane of Glass for All Your Cloud Services

  • Real-time status of all Mitel servers and service delivery from a single pane of glass, no matter where they are hosted.
  • Extend your MPA capabilities to public cloud service monitoring with Microsoft Azure and 365, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud integrations.


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