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Challenges with Mitel and Microsoft Teams

In today’s modern workplace, Unified Communications often consists of a mix of solutions including Mitel and Microsoft services. However, what appears seamless and efficient for a user is often a bit more complex to manage for IT and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Ensuring the reliability of interconnected voice services requires end-user experience data and actionable insights from both Mitel, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. This is specifically the situation that Martello Vantage DX is designed for.

Why You Need to Connect Microsoft Teams with Mitel?

When managing Mitel services, MSPs rely on Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) – developed by Martello – to provide a certain level of data and alerts, so that they can deliver proactive support to their end-users. On the Microsoft side, the toolset is not as clear. Microsoft provides information at the user level for each call and meeting, but does not offer alerting capabilities, nor the ability to test service levels proactively. To achieve this, Mitel partners can extend their MPA features into Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams managed services, thanks to Martello Vantage DX.

Extend Mitel Performance Analytics into Microsoft Teams

Martello Vantage DX allows Mitel partners and customers to correlate their MPA data with powerful Microsoft Teams user experience monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities.

In minutes, IT teams can get the entire Mitel infrastructure and services monitoring insights alongside with Microsoft Teams call quality data and alerts. This can then be grouped by locations, ISP, VIPs, issues, or whatever make sense for them.

Through a single pane of glass, Mitel and Microsoft Teams services are monitored, with alerts for service quality issues impacting voice and collaborative features (channel, chat, presence, etc.).

This data can also be correlated with existing network and infrastructure monitoring data to provide an end-to-end view of the Unified Communication service delivery performance. Microsoft Teams service quality is continuously tested, and voice call quality is tracked whether the users are at the office or working remotely, with alerts synchronized into ITSM tools to streamline service remediation.

You can now ensure perfect collaboration between Mitel’s system and Microsoft Teams services and reduce the mean time to repair.

Automatic SLA reporting will justify the quality of service to your customers and helps you improve their infrastructure and network environment to achieve the best possible user experience.

The Results

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Easily extend Mitel managed service to Microsoft Teams

Test both Mitel and Microsoft Teams end to end service and user experience

Insight into the entire Unified Communications services of your customers from a single pane of glass

Provide custom end to end service reports pin-pointing the root cause of any service issue



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