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August 12, 2020

Powering more than 2 billion business connections every day, Mitel is a leader in the unified communications industry. With recent acquisitions, Mitel had grown their existing network from 1,400 to over 5,000 users. Managing this growing network was a challenge for Mitel’s regional network and voice teams. That’s why Mitel deployed Martello’s Mitel Performance Analytics fault and performance management software, a system it recommends to its own customers.


With 60 million end users and more than 2,500 partners, Mitel is always looking for innovative solutions to keep them connected and doing business while maintaining service quality. Mitel’s
rapid growth, in part through acquisition, had resulted in a complex network of multi-vendor equipment in locations spread across the globe. Mitel needed a solution that would monitor the performance of their entire network including third-party and proprietary devices, detecting problems and alerting admins before the user could experience a voice quality disruption or downtime. They needed quick resolution tools including secure remote access and active testing capabilities in order to manage their own business communications network.

With Martello’s solution for voice quality in telecommunication, Mitel can assure their customers are getting top notch service.


Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) monitors the performance of Mitel and third-party devices, detecting problems and alerting admins before the user can experience voice quality disruption or
downtime. From there, the software offers tools to help resolve the problem, including secure remote access and active testing solutions. Already deployed in 2,000 networks worldwide, MPA is offered by Mitel to its channel partners, service providers and customers – it is included in the Premium Software Assurance subscription. Mitel provides an ideal case study for MPA. They
experienced rapid growth which has resulted in a complex network of locations spread across the globe, with anywhere from a few to more than 800 users per location. A number of management tools, including open source options, are available to Mitel’s team to deal with this complexity – but the company chose to standardize on MPA. Since Mitel’s systems are exceptionally reliable, it is typically an event within the network environment that causes voice quality problems.

“We’ve been using MPA since 2010, but it really became a game changer for us after acquisitions grew our network from 1,400 to over 5,000 users.”
Larry Arnold
Solution Architect Manager

Mitel’s Solution Architecture Manager, Larry Arnold, oversees Mitel’s corporate business communications network: “We’ve been using MPA since 2010, but it really became a game-changer for us after acquisitions grew our network from 1,400 to over 5,000 users”, said Mr. Arnold. “Growing organizations like ours have flexibility with the MPA multi-tenant, container architecture. Regional admins can access devices in their locations, while data can be consolidated data in one central place. Devices can be moved easily between containers. We can also share information more easily amongst our many regional offices using MPA. The addition of MiVoice MX-ONE support checks off another box for many of our global locations, and with configurable SNMP device monitoring we can now monitor just about any device, anywhere in the world”. In keeping with Mitel’s drive for innovative customer-focused solutions, MPA has evolved with customer feedback. Its latest release addresses the need to know not only when a problem occurs, but where. Voice quality problems like delay, echo and jitter can be caused by a range of events on the network – from congestion to improper configuration. That’s why MPA now monitors not only the Mitel solutions, but also third-party devices in the network infrastructure such as routers and servers. It is an approach that gets voice quality problems resolved faster. MPA makes a great product even more valuable and gives Mitel the ability to continue to grow with confidence, knowing that they are using the best-in class performance and monitoring software.

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