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The Journey from Problem to Resolution is Getting Easier

When you are managing a voice network it can be difficult to have a ‘bird’s-eye’ view of what’s happening at all times. Because of this, administrators are plagued with questions about network performance that have no easy answer. Do I have a voice quality problem? What’s causing it? Administrators need to know when there’s a voice quality problem and have the tools to find its root cause quickly.

It’s no secret that Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) has always provided a wealth of performance data, but as we move towards R2.2, this data is going to be even more useful to administrators. We know that 90% of the time it takes to resolve a network problem is spent finding its source. Finding the source of a problem is about to get even simpler. The next release of MPA will include analytics and visualizations that will point you towards the source of a problem, so you can resolve it fast.

Sneak Peek into MPA 2.2

Take a sneak peek at MPA 2.2 and some of the tools that will help you tackle your network problems head-on while providing additional value with new device support and features.

Network Diagrams

The new Network Diagram panel will let you upload your own network diagram, for at-a-glance visualization of the devices and sets that are experiencing problems. This ‘bird’s-eye view’ gives you a snapshot of the entire network.

Voice Quality Cause Visualization

Where’s the problem? A new set of voice quality graphs help point you towards the cause of a problem. For example, a graph correlating call quality with call volume can indicate a capacity problem.

Improved Utilization Display

We have improved the way utilization data is displayed, making it easier to spot trends and issues that can save you time and money.

MiVoice Business Emergency Response Alarms and Alerts

MPA will listen for incoming Emergency Response (ER) SNMP traps from MiVoice Business devices.

New Online Help System

Mitel Performance Analytics 2.2 implements a new and improved – easy search – online help system.

Support for Mitel SIP DECT

Administrators can monitor Mitel SIP DECT base stations and OMM (Open Mobility Manager).

As MPA continues to grow with new features, we are providing you with the tools you need to quickly identify problems and resolve them. Stay tuned for more details, coming in Q3 2017.


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