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Martello Powers Microsoft 365 Service Excellence

Martello powers Microsoft 365 service excellence
April 22, 2021

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recently developed a report examining the business case for IT end-to-end observability and control and delved into how digital experience management was at the intersection of Microsoft 365 services and IT.  Below you will find some excerpts from their report that detail how Martello solutions are able to use digital experience monitoring to provide Microsoft 365 service excellence to our clients.

EMA Perspective

“EMA research indicates that DEM, done well, not only increases IT performance and standing with the business but employee productivity and job satisfaction as well. There are arguably no other solutions that match the impact Microsoft 365 solutions have on the day-to-day work life of its users.”

Threshold of Investment (TOI)

“EMA developed a practical approach to parsing investments called the “threshold of investment” (TOI). A combination of quantifiable metrics/projections and qualitative gains, the goal of TOI is simple: determine the point at which it makes more business sense to invest in an improvement than to continue funding the status quo. For any organization that has business reliance on Microsoft 365 applications and capabilities, the TOI case for Martello is compelling and clear.”

DEM + Microsoft + IT

“Martello puts IT in control of the Microsoft 365 user experience. It begins with proactively and accurately knowing what the user experience is, wherever the user may be and whatever the user may do. If a potential problem is detected, Martello provides in-depth end-to-end intelligence to quickly identify the source and solution. After all, the best kind of problem is the one that never happens.”

Optimizing Microsoft Teams

“The ability to know, understand, and act on Teams’ performance and availability takes on increased urgency when IT is tapped to handle thousands of home offices on infrastructure that was designed to serve a few hundred branches or offices. Having visibility into what users experience in different locations, using different devices, traveling different routes to different clouds gives IT a real-world basis for delivering the service that business productivity requires.”

Interested in learning more about how Martello solutions can optimize the way your business uses Microsoft 365 services? Download the full EMA whitepaper ‘Martello powers Microsoft 365 service excellence for end-users: The business case for IT end-to-end observability and control” today!


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