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Resolutions For The Best Microsoft Teams Service

New Year's Resolutions For The Best Microsoft Teams Service
December 21, 2022

We always say we’ll stick by them, and then once early February rolls around we’ve probably long forgotten the promises we had made in the cold light of the new year. But, if you want to make your business’ Microsoft Teams service quality the best it can be – you need to make some changes (and stick to them). 

2023 is fast approaching, and now, more than ever, you need to keep your sights firmly set on making the improvements you want to see, a reality. We reckon there’s a good chance that starts with making Microsoft Teams service quality better than it already is. It’ll certainly keep C-suite, your IT team, and VIPs happy. So why not make some promises to yourself, and create a better Teams environment for everyone? Here’s the four New Year’s resolutions you need to make that happen. 

I Will Understand My Users

You need to be able to ‘get’ the people who are using Microsoft Teams service day in and day out if you want to make Teams as good as it can be. By get, we mean really understanding the attitudes of users along with their typical behavior. First and foremost, outside your IT team, you aren’t going to have many Microsoft Teams experts, so don’t expect them to fix their own problems. That’s not a criticism of them, just a reality. 

Very few users, in fact only 16% of users, actually open tickets when they have a problem with Teams. That means if you rely on Teams users to report problems, you’re going to be in the dark for a long time. Also, when they do open tickets, it’s usually a long time after they first experienced the problem, and when they’re a lot closer to throwing their computer out the window – so tread carefully. 

You need to find ways to get detailed user data without users giving it to you manually. We’ll cover this more a bit later on. 

I Will Be Proactive for Microsoft Teams Service Where It Really Counts 

You only have so many hours in the day. And, as someone running an IT team, you’ll be all too familiar with the problem of being stretched thin as a department. That means you really need to focus your energy on what is most important. 

When it comes to Teams, the thing that is most important is any VIP using Teams, or any person from your business interacting with a VIP via Teams. You need to monitor your VIP call quality to avoid complaints and to show how proactive you, and your team are. Beyond just fixing issues, you need to be able to demonstrate improvements that your team has made to calls, particularly for VIPs, by reporting on monthly performance across users, sites, and hardware configurations. 

I Will Protect My Business From Microsoft Outages 

What is the impact of your contact center going down? If your contact center is down, it looks bad to customers, you can’t communicate with them, you can’t collaborate with your team, you can’t pitch, and you can’t audit. The same is true when your sales reps can’t use Teams: customer calls are cancelled, and potential revenue is lost. 

Now, digging into where the issues you’re experiencing stem from is the first thing to do. Once you know where the problem starts, you need to figure out who is affected and ultimately who owns the problem. After that, you have to put measures in place to stop this type of issue from occurring again. It might be ISP related, or to do with your hardware, but whatever the reason you have to protect your business from outages. 

I Will Bring Down Repair Times for Microsoft Teams Service

You can protect against everything and still there are always going to be unexpected issues that crop up. But, how you deal with them will be an important factor in how effective you are as a key part of your business. Repairs need to be quick and concise. Any fixes that don’t work the first time are going to create frustration with users, particularly VIPs.  

When IT teams aren’t able to resolve an issue, and it continues to drag on, it dissolves the credibility of the whole team and in the future, there’ll be less belief in your total capability, and that might even impact IT budgets. To fix things quickly and well, you need to have information that clearly demonstrates what the issue actually is. Once you know what the problem is, you can solve it. 

How Will I Do All Of This? 

We’re glad you asked. 

To get Teams call quality data on tap and displayed in a way that can bring down repair times, make you more proactive, protect you from outages, and support your users – you need Martello Vantage DX. That’s it, the only tool you’ll ever need to make Teams the best it can be for your business. 

Microsoft Teams service quality a priority for 2023? Martello will help you achieve your goals, just get in touch.


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