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SD-WAN solutions are expected to deliver many benefits which can significantly improve the performance of your Unified Communications (UC) deployments. This includes Bandwidth Optimization, Centralized Management and Visibility, Aggregation of Multiple Links into a Single Virtual Network, and Zero-Touch Provisioning. Using a centralized console, you are able to manage the features of your network remotely, which means you won’t have to deploy a technician every time something goes wrong. This helps you dodge downtime and saves you money. Cost savings, however, is not the only benefit to moving over to SD-WAN.

Benefits of moving to SD-WAN is more than just cost savings

The biggest benefit of SD-WAN is the ability to simplify the provisioning and deployment of network infrastructures. SD-WAN is based on better distribution of network intelligence and policy-based, centralized decision-making performed by a network controller or console. When selecting your edge appliances, choose ones that bring the most benefits while adding the smallest footprint to your network. Look for devices that can be integrated at the Data Layer and that can be seamlessly deployed without redesigning your network (eg. Firewall exceptions, routing tables, etc.). SD-WAN also makes it easier to deploy VPN overlays across Wide Area Networks (WAN), which greatly simplifies the end user architecture. All of these benefits are susceptible to greatly improving the network by making it more flexible and more resilient, effectively providing business continuity to end-users.

If the solution is simple then you don’t have to worry about a high overhead. You are able to easily identify issues and apply policy modifications across your entire network with little to no effort. This accelerates deployment time, which increases efficiencies in the business. Adopting a SD-WAN architecture can help improve overall performance when it’s deployed properly. SD-WAN has been touted as the miracle solution to complex WAN deployments. Many providers will often neglect to mention the underlying hardware requirements. Branch offices still require edge devices, and this will remain a fact for the foreseeable future.

SD-WAN has been proposed by some vendors as a means to replacing pre-existing technologies at the edge of network. With SD-WAN products you are often able to replace or complement pre-existing security, optimisation or networking appliances.

Why is now a good time to move to SD-WAN

Now is a great time to move to SD-WAN because you have the option to select the technologies that work for you. SD-WAN is now at a point where it is established, and is becoming a household name. There are constantly new third-party guides to help prepare your business for the transition, and have actual clients who have gone through it that can provide feedback. We are now beyond the phase of early adopters, and you can actually see the results of the change through case studies. SD-WAN is still evolving as technology changes, but it has been stabilized and is less of a risk, so now is a great time to make the investment.

Top Takeaways to Keep in Mind

When looking at SD-WAN products, it’s important not to go to the vendor that has limited experience with network infrastructure or telecommunications. Many newcomers and veterans offer software-only solutions built without any real-life experience with WANs. Always look for a provider with experience in building network infrastructure and, ideally, who can vouch for the equipment they propose to deploy in your network. You also want to find a company that will treat your network with respect and understands the repercussions of putting something in the lifeline of the business.

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