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Employee Directed Gift Giving ProgramAs Martello continues to grow, we are excited to support a  variety of organizations through our Employee-Directed Gift Program. Supporting the causes that are close to our employees hearts, gives us a better sense of what matters most in the lives of  our fellow ‘Martellians’ and strengthens our ties to the community. Watch this space to see what’s next, as the ripple effect of these contributions continues to grow.

Martello’s Operations Lead, John Salem chose to direct his donation to the Maverick Athlete Benevolent Fund started by the Maverick Volleyball Club – a popular and long-time running club that was first established in 1984 and is still going strong. The club boasts 28 teams and is one of the largest clubs in Ontario with players at all levels including professional, national and college teams.  The club strives to provide youth with high quality volleyball programs that not only foster leadership opportunities but also build life skills through the extensive programs they offer. Volleyball skills are just the beginning of the journey for club members, as they develop both a lifelong love of sport and the life skills that come with the thrill of competing.

John first became involved with the Mavericks eight years ago when his daughter joined, and then quickly became an important part of the club, eventually coaching the 13 year old girls’ team for the past two years. John has always had a love of many different sports and over time, he developed a passion for coaching – specifically the sport of volleyball as he feels that it really builds strong team camaraderie and promotes the learning of great life lessons. For John, it’s a joy to spend time teaching the athletes and building relationships with their parents.

Maverick Volleyball QuoteJohn feels strongly about teaching young athletes, as he feels that at this age they are enthusiastic, eager to learn new skills and work hard. For many families though, the high cost of pursuing competitive volleyball can be a barrier holding back exceptional athletes from pursuing their dreams. Because of this, the Mavericks Volleyball Club has created the Maverick Athlete Benevolent Fund that is used by those who need additional assistance to help offset the considerable cost of being a high performance athlete. John’s employee directed gift will contribute to this benevolent fund and will in turn allow more players to participate in the game that John enjoys so much.

Martello is proud to be a small part of opening up accessibility to competitive volleyball in the Ottawa area. We look forward to cheering on future athletes, as more and more opportunities open up thanks to benevolent funds like those established by the Mavericks Volleyball Club.

Startup Open HouseWe’re only a week away from the first ever Ottawa Startup Open House. We can’t wait to open our doors to colleagues from Waterloo, Montreal and Toronto, here for the biggest event in town: SaaS North. We’ve already given you a glimpse into Martello with ‘5 Things About Martello’, now let’s get down to the nitty gritty details – what will we have at our open house?

5 Things We Guarantee To Have At Our Open House

  1. Some great people to talk to. We’re excited about our work and we can’t wait to tell you about our software, our customers and the real-life problems we’re helping them solve. See live demos and talk to the team behind the software.
  2. A place to drop off your resumes. We are always looking for new ‘Martellians’ and currently have six open positions. Talk to our HR Director, Anne Robitaille, and find out from our group what’s special about working here.
  3. Umm..did someone say beer? Yes, we are excited to be featuring craft beer tastings by Big Rig, one of our favorite local breweries during the open house.
  4. Something tasty to snack on. Touring Startup open houses can be hard work so we want you to keep your energy up and will have some sweet and salty treats on hand to keep you going.
  5. A draw for a great gift basket. Starting a business takes guts and creativity – we have curated a few of our ‘favorite things’ into an amazing gift basket that features local retail startups. Everyone gets a chance to win this showstopper of a doggie bag!

Don’t Want To Have FOMO?

Interested in finding out more? Tickets to Startup Open House Ottawa are free but you must reserve in advance – be sure to take the free shuttle service out to Kanata where the Martello is located, we can’t wait to open our doors to you!

Looking for more information? Check out the Startup Open House website.

Come See How Real Traction Is Making the Difference at Martello

At Martello, we are proud of what is happening here and on November 29th we can’t wait to open our doors for Startup Open House. When we look around, we are pretty pleased to be included among some of Ottawa’s most exciting startups that are participating in this first ever edition.

What’s a Startup Open House?

This is the first open house event where you get to visit the offices of Ottawa based startups and connect with tech leaders in the community. This free event gives you a chance to ‘go behind the curtain’ and discover some of the most innovative companies by visiting where all the magic happens – their offices! For us at Martello, it’s a chance for us to open our doors and showcase the great work that we are doing here.

5 Things You Might Not Know About Martello

  1. We have an office in Paris. Yes, that’s Paris, France not Paris, Ontario. Our France office has a small group of software programmers and is GROWING – we are currently looking to hire two Senior Software Designers for that location.
  2. Our numbers speak for themselves. Our software is currently deployed in 5,000+ networks, monitoring more than 10,000 devices. Are we global? Absolutely, we’re working in more than 20 countries around the world.
  3. Martello has key partnerships in the industry. We’re proud of our relationships with both ‘super angel’ Wesley Clover and leading telecommunications player Mitel Networks.
  4. We { ♥ } our employees. We believe that our employees are our greatest asset and last year we were the proud recipients of an Employees’ Choice Award, based on feedback from our team.
  5. We { ♥ } Kanata North. Our location plays a big part in our success and we’re happy to be nestled in the heart of Kanata North. There is really no other spot in Ottawa where we would want to be growing our SaaS company.

What will you see at our Open House? More importantly, will there be food? Stay tuned for 5 Things We Guarantee to Have at Our Open House, coming next week.

Interested in finding out more? Tickets to Startup Open House Ottawa are free but you must reserve in advance – be sure to take the free shuttle service out to Kanata where Martello is located, we can’t wait to open our doors to you!

Looking for more information? Check out the Startup Open House website.