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The sun came out during an unseasonably cold spring, just in time for Martello staff to jump on board to raise money for this year’s Heart and Stroke “Big Bike” event.

Donning their Martello t-shirts, running shoes and water bottles, Team Martello climbed onto the 30-person “Big Bike” and went for a ride around the Kanata North Business Park, promoting the Heart and Stroke fundraiser and the life-saving research that is being done.

“About 1.6 million Canadians are living with the effects of heart disease and stroke. As a captain, I wanted to put together a team to help raise fund for heart and stroke research and participating in Big Bike is a fun and memorable way to give back to this cause,” said Salina Tran, Junior Marketing Specialist for Martello Technologies.

As a team, Martello Technologies pushed the bike around corners, up hills and coasted down hills working as a single unit towards a common goal – to support this great cause!  Together, Team Martello was able to raise $1350 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

This year, the focus of the Heart and Stroke Foundation research is related to women’s heart and brain health.

  • Heart disease and stroke are the #1 cause of premature death for women in Canada
  • Heart attack symptoms go unrecognized in 53% of women
  • 2/3 of heart disease and stroke clinical research focuses on men

Since women are under-researched, under-diagnosed, under-treated, and dying unnecessarily this is an important way we can help! As the Heart and Stroke foundation says, it’s #TimeToSeeRed.

With the help of Martello staff, we have become part of the push for change, raising the money needed to save lives.

Martello makes it an important part of its culture to identify and support charities that matter to staff by supporting it both financially and through great events like this.

“It’s a good way to get everyone away from their desks and participate in the community while raising money for a good cause,” Salina said.

Just this month Martello supported Ottawa Dog Rescue with a financial donation to provide aid to abandoned, abused and surrendered dogs in the Ottawa-area. We have also supported local sports teams, health and education initiatives through our Employee Directed Gift Program.

Follow Martello’s culture of giving on Twitter by using the hashtag and stay tuned to our blog for more in this series.

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, so when there is a pup in need, any animal-lover would be compelled to help in any way that they can. Whether it’s adopting a pet of your own, donating your time or money to a shelter, or creating awareness around an issue that is being ignored, people go out of their way to try and help animals in need. When Martello’s Product Manager, Dave Spence became involved in Ottawa Dog Rescue, it quickly became a family affair.

After the launch in 2016 of Martello’s Employee-Directed Gift Program, employees were empowered to make a deeper connection and financial contribution to the community organizations that matter the most to them. Through this program, Martello has been able to contribute to local sports teams, getting kids out on bicycles, helping students travel and provide aid to those who need it, providing education support to indigenous students, supporting a hack-a-thon for health, giving support to a Cochlear Implant group, and serving underserved communities.

For Dave, the choice of which charity he wanted to support was easy.

Dave and his wife Sheila have been involved with Ottawa Dog Rescue (ODR) for the last 5 years. Ottawa Dog Rescue’s mandate is to help abandoned, abused and surrendered dogs find well-suited forever homes in the Ottawa area. This all-breed, all-size, all-age foster-based rescue was founded in August 2013 by a group of dedicated dog-lovers and experienced rescuers. All rescue dogs are provided with temporary foster home care until they’re found a well-matched and carefully screened forever home.

“In the past 5 or so years we have fostered over 10 dogs that were waiting for “furever” homes. We currently have 2 dogs that are with us permanently through ODR,” Dave said.

The Spence family not only welcomes foster dogs into their home, but they also help fundraise for the financial burden that the organization faces each year.

The couple helps with many of the events that the charity hosts each year and every August, they contribute to the organization of an annual garage sale which has raised over $3,000 in the last 4 years.

Sheila also started the city’s first “puppy yoga” class at Inner Soul Cycle and Yoga. These events allow for prospective adoptees to meet and interact with puppies who are waiting on new homes all while raising money for the cause.

“Dave and family are amazing fosterers for our organization and have helped save, rehabilitate and find homes for numerous foster dogs,” Andrea Valois, President and Co-founder of Ottawa Dog Rescue said.  “He is an integral part of our team. We are a 100% volunteer run charity and the funds we raise go towards substantial medical care, supplies and training for the dogs entrusted in our care.”

The money Martello donates to the cause will be used to help feed and care for dogs that come into the program. Every dog that comes into the program has to be given a clean bill of health and many need to be spayed or neutered, so the vet bills can definitely add up for the organization.

Along with rescue, the organization aims to educate the public by bringing awareness to responsible pet ownership and stress the importance of spaying and neutering your pet.

Without the help from committed volunteers like Dave, foster homes, local veterinarians and financial support, ODR wouldn’t be able to meet its goals.

The rescue is about saving lives and they strive to make a difference – one dog at a time

“We could not accomplish this mission without dedicated and supportive volunteers such as Dave,” Andrea said.

Follow Martello’s culture on Twitter using the hashtag and stay tuned to our blog for more in this series.

Martello's 2018 Podcast ListSummer is officially in full swing, and it’s been a busy one here at Martello. Everyone has been working hard preparing for all of the exciting things that are coming up in the next couple of months, which means this long weekend will be a welcome break. Whether embarking on a road trip, spending time at the lake, or relaxing in town, one thing is certain – many Martellians will be catching up on their favourite podcasts! If you’re looking for something to unwind to this weekend, give one of them a listen:

Name: Doug Bellinger, Chief Technology Officer
Go-To Summer Podcast #1: Revisionist History
I love it because: Odd perspectives on interesting things.
Go-To Summer Podcast #2: CBC’s This is That
I love it because: Funny “Fake News” to distract you from the real fake news.

Name: Emmanuelle Ruelle, Software Designer
Go-To Summer Podcast: Oh No Ross and Carrie
I love it because: Oh No Ross and Carrie is a show where the hosts do not just report on spirituality, fringe science and the paranormal (from a scientific, evidence-based standpoint), but show up so we do not have to. This show will debunk claims in a very entertaining way. You always learn something new in a very interesting way.

Name: Antoine Roux, Technical Director
Go-To Summer Podcast: Affaires Sensibles
I love it because: You learn a lot about recent history, from historical events like the fall of Salvador Allende to key moments like when the Deep Blue AI beat Garry Kasparov at chess. (note: this is in French)

Name: Alok Swamy, Software Developer
Go-To Summer Podcast: Hello Internet
I love it because: It’s hosted by two educators/entertainers that discuss a variety of issues (from world news to Starbucks hot stoppers) from wildly different angles.

Name: Sara Purdon, Marketing Specialist
Go-To Summer Podcast: S-Town Podcast
I love it because: This is a seven-part podcast that introduces you to John B. McLemore, a brilliant, madman horologist living in southern Alabama. With a null of a plot twist, this thoughtful piece of investigative journalism tries to examine an unsolved murder but ends up uncovering the complexity behind its central character in a beautiful and heartbreaking story.

Name: Salina Tran, Junior Marketing Specialist
Go-To Summer Podcast: HBR IdeaCast
I love it because: I enjoy listening to leading thinkers in business and management as I know I will always learn something new.

Name: Ben Tucker, Sales Coordinator
Go-To Summer Podcast: The Joe Rogan Experience
I love it because: Great interviewer and a very wide variety of guests on the show.

Name: Maria Sukey, Marketing Intern
Go-To Summer Podcast: Sandra
I love it because: It’s a dramatic comedy starring Kristen Wiig, Alia Shawkat, and Ethan Hawke that centers on an Alexa/Siri-type product called Sandra that is voiced by real people. It’s a neat concept and with a great storyline that hooked me in on the first episode!