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Understanding Office 365 Performance Issues and How Metrics Can Help

The rapid growth of Office 365 is undeniable. In a recent poll of IT decision makers, 78 percent indicated that they are currently using or planning to use Office 365 software and services. Office 365 has more than 85 million users, and is on track to reach 100 million users this year. However, many enterprises are running into network performance issues when they deploy Microsoft Office 365.

Zscaler’s recent report shares how performance issues are impacting Office 365 users, with 70 percent of enterprises experiencing latency issues on a weekly basis.

Organizations that deploy Office 365 report being plagued by network issues regularly, impacting productivity and business operations. According to the report, that’s because Office 365 opens more connections and expects them to be longer-lasting. Existing infrastructures like firewalls and proxies were designed for shorter browser sessions and become quickly overwhelmed by Office 365’s persistent connections.

After Office 365 deployment, executives are reporting higher rates of latency issues. More users are opening tickets to report Office 365 performance complaints, which is bogging down help desks and administrators. Zscaler notes that this may be due inaccurate perceptions that a fast user experience leads to better productivity.

So, how do Office 365 administrators help manage perceptions and expectations? Keeping track of real metrics on end-user experience is key. GSX knows what truly drives users to open tickets, and has the metrics to prove it. These performance metrics are key in helping administrators manage expectations and drive better user adoption of Office 365 services.

In one of our podcasts, our experts take a technical “deep dive” into the metrics driving Office 365 performance complaints, including on Outlook. We address packet loss rates, latency issues, downtime and teach you how to better analyze metrics that provide insights into your Office 365 environment. Watch the video!


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