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Find the Cause of Voice Quality Issues with Mitel Performance Analtyics

January 16, 2020

While VoIP has come a long way in the last few years, issues with latency, jitter and delay are still a big problem when it comes to voice quality. Poor-quality business phone service is embarrassing and frustrating for everyone on the call.

In a recent UK study*, 65% of consumers will hang up if they experience poor voice quality on a call. For those calling about a new product or service, they will likely call a competing company instead. “Stress” is the most commonly used word when consumers were asked to explain how they felt after a poor voice quality call. The same report indicated that only 1 in 6 organizations have appropriate tools to monitor poor voice quality issues or plan to install them over the next 12 months. Of the Call Centers surveyed, 72% can’t find the root cause of the problem and have issues regularly.

There are many reasons why poor voice quality may be occurring and finding the source of the issue can be both time-consuming and costly. The new Mitel Performance Analytics 3.1 Voice Quality Report will provide you with all the information necessary to maintain optimal network performance. This new report will identify the percentage of users that have been experiencing poor voice quality with daily trends. This simple, intuitive dashboard is built directly into MPA 3.1 and requires no external downloads or applications. 


  • Colour-coded visuals to help quickly determine network status
  • Scheduled report options will deliver a PDF copy directly to your inbox
  • Measures both Internal and External call quality
  • Monitors teleworker units
  • Unique patented formula to determine voice quality scores
  • Quickly print the report from within the application

MPA 3.1 not only tells you that you have a voice quality problem but begins the initial steps to help and diagnose the source of the problem.

1. Where the problem is: container, sub-container, subnet, internal/external calls 2. Who is affected: how many, which site, teleworkers or internal employees 3. How bad it is: a score is given that represents the number of users with good quality.

Determining the overall health status of your network and displaying the origins of the voice quality problems, saves time by starting your troubleshooting in the right place. This new Mitel Performance Analytics 3.1 Voice Quality Report provides Network Administrators with more in-depth information to help manage their network better. The report also quickly determines if any recent network changes have impacted VQ. Creating a positive voice quality experience for users doesn’t have to be challenging and expensive. Download and learn how the Voice Quality Report in MPA 3.1 will improve your phone system.



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