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While Azure Monitor is very good at presenting technical information metrics for monitored assets, translating this information into Service Level views is highly difficult, if not impossible. The problem arises when IT needs to share service management information about Azure services with the NOC, Helpdesk, or Management and is even more challenging when multiple subscriptions and tenants are managed.

What is Martello Vantage DX for Microsoft Azure?

Martello Vantage DX for Azure Monitor is a Service Management monitoring platform that brings together metrics from the entire Azure environment (subscriptions and tenants), correlates them with your existing infrastructure and network monitoring tools to create actionable Service Level and SLA dashboards.

Key Benefits

  • Identify health state of individual service/service collection.
  • Find and troubleshoot root cause of failing components in seconds.

  • Instant detection of network and infrastructure components affecting Azure services.
  • Decrease Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

  • Monitor Azure services and applications SLA.
  • Share end-to-end service delivery overview with management and NOC.

  • One portal to oversee the service delivery of all your tenants and subscriptions.
  • Reduce alert storms by correlating alerts to services and groups.


CSP Microsoft Azure Multi-Subscriptions Service Management

Central IT provides Azure subscriptions (500+) as a service to multiple Business lines and subsidiaries. For internal compliance purposes the IT team needs to define and report on Azure PaaS and end-to-end SLA.

Martello Vantage DX was deployed to provide an overview of the entire Azure environment and define, enforce and report on internal Service Level Agreements.

The Results

  • Clear SLA dashboards are shared with stakeholders and internal compliance goals are met.
  • Finger pointing between departments is reduced, for a decrease in mean time to repair and increase in user satisfaction.

Key Features

Tree View: top-down view from Service to Components

  • Troubleshoot and find root cause of failing components inside entire Azure environment faster.
Tree View: Top Down View from Service to Components Martello Vantage for Microsoft Azure

Elastic search-based powerful and intuitive search engine

  • Find anything in your entire Azure environment in seconds.
  • Unlimited data retention.
ElasticSearch Power engine with Martello Vantage for Microsoft Azure

Agentless integration with existing monitoring and ITSM tools

  • Connect to ITSM tools to group and manage alerts into service incidents.
  • Correlate on-premise and network monitoring data for end-to-end Azure service availability view.
Integration with Existing Monitoring and ITSM Tools

Customizable Service Level Dashboards

  • IaaS, PaaS or end-to-end SLA.
  • Understand what is impacting the SLA.
Customize Service Level Dashboards Martello Vantage

Get started with Martello Vantage DX for Microsoft Azure Monitor!

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