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Martello Vantage DX is a powerful IT Operations Analytics solution that consolidates data from multiple monitoring, IT service management and business applications, and applies analytics to present you with a clear view of what’s happening in your IT environment from a single dashboard.

Easy to build real-time IT dashboards that can be customized for Business Users, Technical Administrators and Service Desk members. Dashboards offer unlimited sharing and reports.

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Clear, intuitive visualizations are available so Service Providers know instantly when an SLA for a business service has been breached. iQ may be configured to send notifications for when an SLA is about to be breached and again when it has actually breached, allowing the Service Provider to react and rectify issues well before the breach occurs.

iQ allows you to automatically correlate alerts and create incidents in your Service Management tool. It helps you stay in control of your environment by organizing ‘alert storms’ into actionable, easy-to-prioritize tickets. You will be able to save time and automatically resolve all related issues without the need for manual intervention.

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All your existing monitoring, cloud, and service management tools integrate with iQ – this provides you with an overview of all your data while retaining the benefits and strength of each tool. Track your applications across different domains and control their live status through a smart layer that sits on top of your IT environment.

Why integrate MPA with iQ?

Partners and enterprises using Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) can now bring together their unified communications and IT operations for a complete Information and Communication Technology (ICT) performance visibility and control. Martello iQ takes all devices and alerts from MPA to visualize your environment in rich dashboards. Extending the already feature rich capabilities of existing MPA deployment, this new integration with iQ includes advanced alarm management capabilities and extended IT operational visualization.

Martello has already built the integrations to many 3rd party systems so you can immediately start taking advantage of having all your systems on a single pane of glass to streamline workflows, resolve incidents quicker and truly understand the negative impact that alarms have on your business.

Benefits to MPA Users

iQ integrates MPA and many popular IT monitoring tools, public clouds and ITSM solutions to add alerts, devices and incidents on a single pane of glass. There is no need to have your MPA system functioning as a stand-alone system.

iQ offers customizable business value dashboards for services and devices and will show the financial impact of outages. Intuitive reports and custom views may be quickly and easily shared with stakeholders.

iQ dashboards offer a complete overview of your ICT environment, including MPA. The dashboards visualize the relationships and dependencies between devices in your IT infrastructure to quickly analyze where a problem is coming from by drilling down to the underlying issue.

With MPA integrated with iQ and a service ticketing system such as ServiceNow, productivity is improved by the automated generation of service tickets. Service Level Agreements are adhered to and customer satisfaction is improved.

Easily manage MPA alarms in iQ with the ability to group alarms by device type (i.e. MiVoice Business) or by customer or container.

Don’t see your integration?
Custom integrations are available upon request.

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