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Martello Soars Thanks to Mitel Partnership

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May 2016 | Wesley Clover Quarterly Update

Innovative solutions that solve customer problems — that is what is powering the successful partnership between Mitel and Martello Technologies. Mitel leads the industry in real-time business, cloud and mobile communications. Martello MarWatch software keeps that technology performing reliably. MarWatch software-as-a-service (SaaS) monitors and manages the performance of increasingly complex business communications networks, with a special focus on voice quality for Mitel solutions.

During the most recent quarter, Mitel introduced a new offering to their channels and customers based exclusively around MarWatch, calling it Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA). Demand for the Martello software, which has now been deployed in more than 2,000 networks in 20 countries around the world, has already led the company to triple digit revenue growth. This heightened Mitel focus should only add to that growth going forward.

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