Martello BLOG : 2016

Voice Quality IssuesGetting to the Root of Voice Quality Issues – The Answer is in the BIG Picture

A call comes in, and a frustrated end user is complaining of persistent echo on their line and threatening to move their business to another provider. Instantly, panic sets in as the IT team scrambles to find the source of the issue and cobble together a way to replicate and test the problem that could have been going on for days or weeks.

As administrators deal with voice quality issues, they are often reacting to problems that have already been identified by end users instead of proactively managing the network. Using a fault & performance management software like Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA), not only can you easily troubleshoot and resolve voice quality issues remotely, you can also take steps to prevent these problems from impacting your users in the first place.

Active Testing Tools

When using a fault & performance management tool like MarWatch or MPA, testing tools like Ping, Traceroute, iftop, MTR and DNS Lookup include raw data that will easily identify where the problem occurred. Latency is often tested using a ping test and jitter is measured by doing a traceroute test. Ping and traceroute tools also include response time for even better insight into latency and congestion problems. When some packets take too long to arrive, there is no established queue so the missing or late packets will simply be dropped from the conversation, resulting in choppy audio. Active testing tools include a voice quality graph that shows quality ratings by call which can then be broken down further to calls per hour, day, week or month. Detailed data points on the voice quality graph will bring you to additional data that includes the R-factor value, IP source, IP destination, the codec being used as well as any delay, jitter or packet loss per call.
Libro Credit Union Voice Quality
Libro Credit Union – Voice Quality is Key to Exceptional Customer Service

For Libro Credit Union, delivering impeccable customer service and reliable, high-quality voice communication is critical to their success in a crowded and competitive field. Leaving nothing to chance, they paired a Mitel MiVoice Business solution with the MarWatch fault and performance management software allowing them to identify voice quality issues before they impact their customers. Now, Libro is able to access detailed data on voice quality so that they can quickly and efficiently identify the source of a problem making it easy for them to find and fix problems on the network.

Read the Libro success story.

More and more organizations are moving to the cloud, and this shift presents new challenges for support partners. As network complexity grows, delivering reliable performance is more difficult. To deliver the industry’s best service quality organizations need to know what is happening on the network but the Find and Fix Network Problemschallenge for IT administrators and service providers is to find and fix problems on the network. Quickly pinpointing issues and troubleshooting voice quality problems is time consuming and costly – fortunately, Mitel partners have a network management solution that provides deep visibility into both the Mitel and multi-vendor components of the network.

Every day, your business communications network produces valuable data that can help you deliver better performance to users.  Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) monitors your network and gathers data while providing the tools organizations need to proactively detect and address issues.  As your organization uses MPA, it builds a repository of data and information about your network and turns this data into a valuable asset for your business.

Analytics: from Reactive to Proactive

As you monitor your network, you collect data that in turn provides a clear picture of network functionality.  The only way to deliver consistently high service quality is by monitoring the whole network. Analytics takes the ‘guesswork’ out of network management because you:

  • Know when there’s a problem
  • Can find the source of the problem
  • Fix problems before they affect the user
  • Know how services are being used
  • Know actual and perceived quality of service

If you are monitoring for voice quality you are only seeing a small part of the bigger picture. When you combine network AND unified communications management you are able to ensure complete fault & performance management of Mitel solutions and the surrounding infrastructure. With analytics you change your behavior from reactive to proactive.
Infographic: Better Data, Better Decisions – See Mitel’s infographic on why the cloud is making service quality management a strategic requirement.

Video: Analytics in Action

See how Analytics transforms performance data into a business asset.