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Feature of the Week: Using Thresholds

Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) uses thresholds to ensure you receive the performance data you want, when you want it – so that you can resolve problems quickly. Monitoring with a system that uses thresholds to drive performance alarms makes all the difference and by setting the appropriate thresholds, you can detect and correct minor issues before they escalate into major issues.

Thresholds for voice quality (VQ), for example can be set to generate ‘Warning’ alarms for potential or impending problems, before any significant effects have been felt. Problems that are less critical for your organization can be set to a higher threshold, so that you’ll only be alerted if it reaches a Major or Critical performance impacting level. MPA calculates an R-value VQ rating based on measurements of the IP network performance. You can configure performance thresholds to generate alarms when the VQ R values thresholds are crossed.

Threshold alarms can have the following severities:

Warning – No immediate impact, but abnormal device behavior detected
Minor – Non-performance impairing
Major – Performance impairing
Critical – Device out of service

For more on the features of MPA, take a look at our MPA 2.1 Primer or the MPA Demo Videos.