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New Year’s Resolutions For Peak Microsoft Teams Productivity and ROI

New Year's Resolutions For Peak Microsoft Teams Productivity and ROI
January 2, 2024

Ready for the New Year? Got your obligatory one-month gym membership lined up and a wine rack that’s empty on purpose? Most people at this time of year set themselves some resolutions to make this year the best yet. 2024 Microsoft Teams resolutions

Unfortunately, pretty much everyone flakes out by about the third week of Jan… so why don’t you beat the trend and make some of them stick?

Here are the New Year’s resolutions you need to hit peak productivity and draw some serious ROI from your Microsoft Teams investment.

Three and a Half Resolutions to Change Teams in 2024
It’s time for your organization to renew its focus on optimizing one of the most crucial tools in its digital arsenal: Microsoft Teams. With remote and hybrid work models now the norm, there’s no excuse. In fact, there’s so much to gain that if you stick with the following three and a bit resolutions, you’ll have a much better 2024 than your competitors.

Improve Teams Performance for Seamless Collaboration

Slowdowns, glitches, and downtime are more than minor issues when they’re happening at scale. Each small disruption in workflows leads to productivity losses across your whole business, and the impact of this can be dramatic.

In a recent report, we found that the estimated cost to a business in lost productivity and troubleshooting time for Microsoft Teams is $573,000 per year (this is for a 5,000-employee organization). This year, make it a resolution to assess and enhance your Teams environment continually. From network bandwidth to server reliability, every aspect counts in creating a smooth, uninterrupted collaborative experience.

Make Rapid Issue Resolution a PriorityMicrosoft Teams ROI

Time is of the essence because, well, time is money – particularly in 2024 when fast-paced doesn’t even begin to describe most business environments. When problems crop up in Microsoft Teams, the ability of your IT team to respond quickly is everything. Becoming faster means that IT teams can address potential problems before they escalate, reducing downtime and maintaining business continuity.

Implementing advanced monitoring tools and establishing clear processes for issue resolution can transform your IT team from a department that looks reactive (and frankly behind the curve) into a strategic asset. This shift not only keeps Teams running smoothly but frees up IT resources for other value-add activities.

Be Proactive as Much as Possible

As well as getting faster, an ever broader resolution you should definitely take note of is becoming more proactive. You’ll win the confidence of your team if you deal with problems before they happen. The investment that organizations make in Teams extends beyond direct costs. It encompasses the time and resources spent in training, integration, and ongoing management – you know, the stuff your team gets caught up in.

To protect this investment, and your team’s time, make sure you’re proactively monitoring the whole Teams platform. This involves not just tracking system performance, but also understanding the user experience. Tools that can predict and prevent issues before they occur is the only way to make this a reality.

Bonus Resolution – Stop Blaming Microsoft!

Save yourself the time and energy of getting annoyed at Microsoft and realize that almost always it’s not their fault. Of course, there are going to be periods of service interruption, particularly when you’re an international organization. But, by and large, Microsoft has seriously good uptime so when something isn’t working, try not to waste  time pursuing only that line of investigation – especially when so many other things impact Teams performance.

Ok, so that’s three and a half resolutions, how many do you think you’ll be able to stick to? If you can nail just one of the main ones, you’ll make 2024 a lot easier on you and your team. Better still, try Vantage DX, it has all the tools you need to become proactive, respond faster, and optimize the whole Teams platform. What are you waiting for? 2024’s already begun, so you better get started.

Ready to make 2024 your best year using Teams yet? You need Vantage DX. Martello can deliver it for you. Reach out to us today.


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