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The Hidden Problem Draining Productivity

The Hidden Problem that’s Draining Productivity and Impacting your Top and Bottom Line
July 7, 2023

Microsoft Teams Meeting Frustration

Discover the alarming truth: over 80% of users choose to suffer in silence, never reporting the tech issues they encounter. Meanwhile, many companies rely on Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools, assuming they have a watchful eye on their systems. However, a critical blind spot persists, particularly when it comes to detecting and alerting you about problems lurking within Microsoft 365’s cloud-based applications. These hidden disruptions have potential consequences for your organization’s Microsoft Teams productivity and success.

When looking at business metrics, identifying poor performing teams or product lines is possible through data analysis. Data for each event, good or bad is collected and can be easily analyzed to take corrective action. The same can be done for IT and machines, whether they are virtual or physical are monitored with availability and performance metrics that provide alarms in near real time to identify and qualify potential issues.

Most software you own, whether sitting on premise or in the cloud can be monitored with APM tools that analyze usage and performance. You feel in control because your team has the means to know when they have an issue and act on it. This is different for applications you buy as a service, such as Microsoft 365. You don’t own these services. You pay to use them. Therefore, you can’t use your existing monitoring tools because they don’t have access to the Microsoft datacenter.

Your existing traditional monitoring tools can’t inform you because they don’t test or monitor Microsoft features such as calls, videos, conferences, or collaboration. You also can’t rely on Microsoft because they don’t provide any means to alert on your users’ issues or on your infrastructure and associated environment.

Finally, you can’t ask your users, and especially your VIPs, to open a ticket every time there is an issue with Teams voice and video. That would be too tedious, and they won’t do it. In other words, by the time users open a ticket this has been going on for a while, your employees are fed up and the issues are already negatively impacting productivity. For example:

  • Your employees using Microsoft Teams to reach out to customers for service and sales experience reduced productivity.
  • Meeting rooms where employees and executives are holding key meetings are not reliable.
  • Client pitches, investor calls and executive meetings are disturbed by avoidable issues.

Overall, reliability for IT services is key for business continuity and most deliver the expected ROI. Users and VIPs usually focus on what doesn’t work despite the efforts of the IT department to provide predictable performance.

Not knowing where the issues are, who has them, their recurrence, their severity, and their root cause is a critical problem that can be addressed.

So, how do you know whether any of your users and locations have recurring issues with their meetings that affect their productivity and their ability to generate revenue?

Vantage DX has been designed to empower your IT departments with the tools they need to reduce the risk of Microsoft Teams productivity challenges. It detects every issue, qualifies them to understand how critical they are, who owns them and what is their root cause.

With Vantage DX, you know where your issues are, who is affected, which location needs better bandwidth and which office has unreliable Wi-Fi affecting your VIPs. We also cover your Microsoft Teams Rooms, which key meetings have been affected, why and who owns the latencies that are affecting business productivity.

All of that without asking users to open an IT ticket, or unnecessary time-consuming war rooms to qualify and assign a problem to the right team. Everything comes instantly to the right team so they can see where the issues are and they can efficiently and effectively make timely decisions to keep productivity on track.

Need to help getting to the root of your Teams Issues? What you need is Vantage DX, the platform built for exactly that.


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