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See how Network Administrators are on Remote Work Front Lines

March 16, 2020

With the increasing need for remote work in the last few weeks, IT, voice and network administrators are working overtime trying to deal with the challenges they face when trying to keep a massive number of employees connected outside of the office.

Many companies are turning to voice, video and instant messaging to stay connected while working remotely.

Establishing a strong network foundation from the start helps prevent problems of overcapacity, such as delay, jitter and echo. Determine your network fitness by testing real-time traffic so you have a clear, accurate assessment of what your deployment will look like. Creating custom dashboards for your IT integrations will help you monitor all areas of your network more clearly and allow your network specialists to focus on other areas of the business.

Moving away from an on-premise software can be a challenge. On the one side, the migration itself will have its own set of problems. On the other side, you have to consider the readiness of your network to take on the extra load created by Microsoft Office 365.  Every file, no matter that size, has to be synchronized every time it’s modified and this puts near constant pressure on the network. Add in additional voice and video traffic and you could see some real issues occur.

Martello provides opportunities to sell Martello Vantage DX to help businesses get the most out of their Microsoft Office 365 experience.

As a Silver Partner and a member of the Microsoft Co-Sell Program, Martello’s Vantage DX software will help you achieve reliable and fast access to cloud-hosted  Microsoft Office 365 applications. It will also provide dashboards for IT data and consolidate other monitoring and analytic tools into a single pane of glass.

Using a seamless API connection, it takes all objects and alerts from Microsoft Office 365 to visualize your environment, improve troubleshooting, decrease downtime and make reporting easier. This easy-to-use, straight out of the box solution will have your teams analyzing data and creating dashboards right away. As a response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Microsoft is making Teams available to everyone to ensure remote connectivity can continue even during self-isolation. By offering a tool to keep businesses operational, they are putting the health and safety of the global population first, in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus.

Whether you are currently using Microsoft Office 365 or you are new to the offering, you have the ability to use Microsoft Teams for free right now. Restrictions are being removed from the freemium version as of March 10th and people will be able to connect over voice, video and instant messaging through the platform.

The global virus outbreak will run its course, but it’s important to look ahead as the way in which we work continues to evolve. Future-proofing your network so that employees are able to access all the tools they need to do their jobs outside of the office will be the key to staying ahead of the demand. This is a good experience to test how your network can handle the load and make adjustments that will help it become more flexible and scalable for the future.


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