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How to Test What Matters to Good VoIP Performance

June 2, 2020

Problems with your VoIP network are often indicated by audio quality degradation, choppy audio and inaudible call segments. In extreme disturbances, the calls will drop altogether. Having such issues can damage important calls with customers and clients.

SIP tests, external call tests, and traceroutes are tools that can pinpoint what’s wrong with your business phone connection when problems occur. Even though these tools won’t fix the problem, they will expedite the troubleshooting process by providing insight into the location and scope of the issues being experienced.

Mitel Performance Analytics includes a comprehensive Network Testing module that makes it easy to assess, monitor and troubleshoot the availability, capacity, and performance of the network.


  • Specialized for voice & video
  • On-demand or schedulable synthetic call tests
  • Agent-based synthetic testing on SaaS platform
  • Alarm notifications
  • Real-time results
  • Actionable data
  • Overview & detailed test results
  • Fast to execute
  • Free with MPA Plus
  • Highly accurate
  • Reliable & proactive

The suite of tests available in Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) are:


Easily test performance and stability loads of SIP servers and IP networks. One or more test calls are made between two test agents and a PBX. Mitel Performance Analytics uses an internal SIP server to process these test calls. They are not made on the customer’s telephony server.


This diagnostic tool quickly identifies network problems by tracing the path that an IP packet takes from a test agent to an identified target. It identifies all the routers it passes through until the target is reached. SIP


SIP clients need to register with a central server mainly because this allows the phone’s location to be known when it is required to receive an incoming call. This handy test attempts a SIP registration from a test agent to an identified SIP Registrar.


Ensure network health and connectivity with this simple diagnostic test. A call is made from the test agent to an actual handset. It is recommended that a handset be configured with auto-answer in your network for testing purposes. Agent-based network testing provides continuous network health testing for SIP and voice performance. Real-life simulations with synthetic calls can alert you to problems before they impact the user experience.

Use MPA’s Advanced Network Testing tools to make sure your network is error-free and has the quality needed to support your VoIP system. Poor phone quality can quickly result in frustrated employees, poor client experiences, and lost revenue.

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