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While Microsoft provides a reliable service, interruptions can happen at any point between your users and Microsoft 365 services. Anytime a performance or service delivery issue arises, there is a material impact on productivity and profitability. To deliver a productive Microsoft 365 experience, it is critical for Enterprise IT teams to proactively understand the end-to-end service quality.

Challenges with Microsoft 365 How Do You Resolve Poor Microsoft 365 Service Quality?

Without a holistic way for IT teams to monitor Microsoft 365 service quality delivered to end-users, productivity, financial losses, and overall business impacts can occur.


of performance issues enterprises face with Microsoft 365 are caused by their own infrastructure and network.


of end-users open IT tickets when an application is slow.

New World Report 2020 Recognizes Martello Gizmo

Martello Gizmo is recognized as a leader in the DEM market for Microsoft 365, with expertise in monitoring the Microsoft Teams platform.

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What Is Martello Gizmo?

Martello Gizmo provides the only Microsoft 365 user experience monitoring tool that truly measures the quality of the service delivered to all enterprises’ sites. We enable IT with precise insights and a holistic view to manage the end-user experience.

Through real-time and powerful historical dashboards, IT gain a complete view of the Microsoft 365 service quality delivered to – business lines, from anywhere.

How Does Martello Gizmo Work?

Rich User Experience

True representation of the Microsoft 365 user experience through 24/7 synthetic transactions that tests the service exactly as users would: Microsoft Teams calls and video, SharePoint upload/download, set a meeting in Exchange, send an email, etc.

Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

Dedicated to complex Enterprise architecture. This includes Microsoft Exchange on premises, Edge and also hybrid identities such as Azure AD Connect and ADFS.

Smart Alerting

Specifically designed alerts focused on service degradation and the user’s experience. Be alerted only when it matters with actionable data to reduce your mean time to repair.

Service Quality Dashboards

Real time and historical service performance dashboard with built-in SLA for every major workload. Easily understand service degradation patterns to improve overall end-user experience and adoption.

EMA Report: Martello Powers Microsoft 365 Service Excellence

Martello DEM puts IT teams in control of the Microsoft 365 user experience, delivering significant cost savings and productivity gains.

Martello powers Microsoft 365 services excellence for end users - EMA report

Key Benefits

Detect potential service disruptions before users experience them.

Provide actionable data to decrease the mean time to repair.

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Assess network upgrade results on user experience.

Anticipate performance issues at critical sites.

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Assess site readiness to handle increased user load.

Test cloud performance prior to deployment.

Measure how the route to the cloud affects the user experience.

Make confident network decisions based on actionable data.

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“This 'Gizmo' tool helps us detect and repair Microsoft 365 issues faster and makes us more proactive in delivering a good experience to our users.”

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How Microsoft 365 Monitoring Works with Martello Gizmo Combine Microsoft 365 Monitoring with Existing Monitoring Tools

Performance Monitoring Icon

Network Monitoring

Martello allows you to use your network monitoring tool at maximum efficiency by pointing exactly where and when issues are happening with Microsoft 365.

Generic Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) excels in web performance analysis, while combining our true user experience with their traffic analysis enables a 360 view of the entire Microsoft 365 environment.

Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring (RUM) tools combine with Martello’s proactive approach to Microsoft 365 service quality monitoring to monitor the service 24/7 to prevent and troubleshoot any issues end-user experience.


The Challenge of Ensuring Exchange Service Quality in a Hybrid Environment

The Challenge of Ensuring Exchange Service Quality in a Hybrid Environment

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Case Study

University of New Hampshire

UNH’s IT team has come to trust Martello Vantage DX’s monitoring and alarm capabilities and the metrics it provides them.

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