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New World Report 2020 Awards – Software & Technology Awards

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Martello Gizmo Recognized by The New World Report

Martello is intentionally recognized as a leader in the DEM market for Microsoft 365, with particular expertise in monitoring the Microsoft Teams platform. Martello seeks to bridge the gap between the front-end user experience and the complex variables of the back-end services provided by Microsoft.

Martello’s DEM therefore enables IT departments to know the state of the user experience and identify any potential degradation before it materialises to impact the end-user.

Best performing monitoring solution for Microsoft 365 - article mockup
AI Global Media
“Gizmo alerted our customers at 5:27pm ET that an outage had occurred, ahead of Microsoft's own notification at 5:44pm ET. For IT teams using Gizmo, this early warning of a performance issue that would impact many users can save them costly time addressing support tickets and troubleshoot reported issues.”

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