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Challenges with Microsoft Teams PSTN Calls

It is no secret that PSTN calls can involve many different types of equipment and relies on multiple IT teams to be successful. Even if Microsoft calling plans are easier to manage, they are usually expensive and not necessarily available in your region. Therefore, we often see Direct Routing still being the common way to bridge Microsoft Teams and the PSTN infrastructure.

But how do you get alerted if calls have poor quality? And how do you know if the voice call from New York is better than the ones coming from Italy? And if the Italy office has issues, how can you troubleshoot these calls to determine the root cause and improve the situation over time?

How Do You Resolve Microsoft PSTN Call Issues?

Microsoft Calling Plan or Direct Routing services usually involve your Microsoft Teams, network, Unified Communication, telephony and security teams.

To ensure service quality to all business lines, IT needs:

  • To manage the usage and the relationship with the PSTN trunk carrier.
  • To prioritize voice service issues where needed.
  • To detect and understand root cause of issues with PSTN calls.

However, as the service relies on multiple teams and as Microsoft does not provide any means to be alerted, IT is often blind when it comes to supporting critical business needs.

Fortunately, Martello Vantage DX is here to help.

Ensure Proactive Support for Microsoft Teams PSTN Calls

Martello Vantage DX collects all the cloud and PSTN calls and alerts records from the Microsoft Call Quality Dashboard (CQD), enabling IT to be alerted when poor call quality occurs either for any user including VIPs and your critical offices.

Thanks to its ElasticSearch capabilities, Martello can group the issues by any kind of symptom such as network issues (RTT, latency, bandwidth, Wifi, etc.), headset issues (not certified, non-compliant, etc.), Connectivity type issues (mobile BB, Wired, Wifi) or even device model issues to provide a clear picture of the Unified Communication environment as it relates to IT.

With Vantage DX, every call and meeting have detailed quality statistics and PSTN configuration information which enables IT to better understand what is going on from a call quality, network quality, connectivity and infrastructure compliance point of view to quickly solve issues.

As Martello Vantage DX also collects data from your existing monitoring system, you can correlate your Microsoft Teams Direct Routing call issues with your Session Border Controller health statistics and your route to the cloud monitoring data in our single pane of glass.

Everything is then synchronized with ITSM tools such as ServiceNow to streamline service remediation and enable proactive support for this critical business needs.

The Results

Ticket Icon

Detailed root cause of any poor-quality call or meeting.

Success icon

Holistic approach which includes PSTN trunk, carrier, Session Border Controller, network, user device and configuration to streamline time to resolution.

Provide visibility to every stakeholder including ITSM.

Ready in minutes, no agent to deploy so you can start to monitor your PSTN calls today!


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