Martello BLOG : 2017

Martello Gives Back
It is exciting to see how the ripple effect is continuing to grow as Martello gets to be a small part of the BIG impact our employees are having on causes near and dear to their hearts. With the hockey season in full swing right now in Canada, we are excited to share our latest post that offers a glimpse into a dedicated team of hockey players heading to their first away tournament.

Like any good Canadian, Geoff Stewart a Software Architect at Martello, loves the sport of hockey. Over the years whether it’s been playing recreationally or coaching a league, hockey has played an important role in Geoff’s life. So, when Geoff’s son was old enough, he was excited to have him be part of the West End Wolverines and was thrilled to be asked to act as the head coach of the team.

Geoff has been coaching hockey for over 10 years and has been coaching his son’s team with the West End Wolverines for the past 5 years. This year, his son is with the Atom B2 team called the ‘Crushers’. The popular and long-standing West End Hockey League offers non-body contact core programming for players from age 5 to 17.  This league prides itself on having created a hockey program that allows players to not only develop their hockey skills, but also expand their life skills training and good sportsmanship off the ice. Oh, and it’s fun – did we mention that? These players quickly gain a love for the sport in a competitive but engaging environment.

While several of the mixed team of 9 – 10 year olds had previously been to an ‘away’ tournament, they quickly realized that this season there were 6 players on the team who had not yet had this experience. The team’s coaches knew that it would be a highlight of their season to attend an upcoming tournament in Petawawa, Ontario. It is expensive to attend ‘away’ games and this can be a barrier for many families – there is the tournament entry fee but then the additional cost of an overnight stay in a hotel, travel costs and many meals out to consider.

When the team decided to attend the tournament in Petawawa, Geoff decided to use his employee directed gift to offset the cost for all players attending. So how did they do? Well, they lost in the finals but for the kids it was really about the team building that happened both on and off the ice. There were the fun team dinners after the day was over, the rowdy time in the hotel pool and then the thrill of staying overnight in a hotel for these young players.

For a lot of these players, this tournament will continue to be the highlight of the season as they continue to play their way to victory. At Martello, we are always excited to see young athletes developing a lifelong love of sport and we were very proud to be a small part of a big weekend for the West End Wolverines ‘Crushers’.

This month marks the eagerly awaited release of Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA) 2.1. So what is there to get excited about? Here’s the ‘highlights reel’ of what to expect with this latest release of Mitel’s fault and performance management solution – Mitel Performance Analytics.

1. Alarm Analytics

When you are inundated by alarms, it can be hard to see what is really happening on the network. Alarm fatigue can set in when you can’t differentiate big problems from small ones. MPA 2.1 introduces Alarm Analytics which learns from your behavior, optimizing and customizing how alarm information is presented to you. As the system learns from actions like assigning or ignoring an alarm, it begins to prioritize the alarms that are most important to you. The outcome is faster identification of critical problems on the network.
With Alarm Analytics you can :

  • Flag alarms as ‘My Favorites’
  • Create and follow alarm labels
  • Filter and group alarm data
  • Perform operations and editing on a group of alarms
  • Save and share custom alarm data views
  • Display time-related alarms
  • Display a log of all operations that have occurred on an alarm of interest

2. Expanded MiVoice MX-ONE Capabilities

In this release of MPA 2.1, monitoring of the MiVoice MX-ONE is expanded to include IPT user data, device and extension inventory, route and gateway utilization, extension and terminal registration, in addition to scheduled and on-demand backups. New MiVoice MX-ONE performance management capabilities in this release include:

  • Route & Gateway utilization (SIP/Legacy)
  • Scheduled backups & results reporting including mirror backups of all nodes
  • Extension and terminal registration
  • Device and extension inventory reporting
  • IPT user dashboard with voice quality reporting
  • Status monitoring for MX-ONE services: CMG, InAttend, ACS Media Server, MiCollab Advanced Messaging

3. MBG SIP Trunk Voice Quality

This release of MPA supports monitoring of SIP Trunk Voice Quality, for real-time identification of voice quality problems. MPA now shows media quality levels as received at the MBG (near-end) and at the SBC/Gateway (far-end), for the LAN side (ICP) of the MBG and the WAN (Internet) side of the MBG. This feature requires MBG Release 9.0 or later.

 4. Simplified Licensing and Onboarding

Getting customers licensed and up and running quickly means more time for core business activities – and less drain on IT resources. We’ve simplified the process, with the System Configuration Wizard, and the Device Discovery tool – which scans the network to find available devices, making it easier to add new devices to MPA.
Using the new System Configuration Wizard it’s easy to:

  • Quickly register an end user system and enter a valid license ID.
  • Update or correct SMTP server settings.
  • Configure a Twitter account to receive private Twitter notification of alarms.
  • Configure a Twilio SMS account to receive SMS notifications of alarms.
  • Supply a MapQuest API key to enable map coordinate lookup from street addresses.

5. Full Feature Parity With Enterprise Manager

Current Enterprise Manager users can now migrate to MPA 2.1 for a full featured replacement, with additional capabilities and cloud-based deployment.
Features to complete and improve Enterprise Manager feature parity include:

  • Advanced User Operations (AUO) for MiVoice Business (moves and deletes)
  • Single sign-on and shared single sign-on to MiVoice Business
  • Alarm monitor – in-browser notification replaces system tray.
  • SDS error rate with alarms

Service quality is now a strategic requirement for enterprises and partners. Each new release of MPA adds value with tools and device support, to make it faster and easier to fix network problems and deliver service quality. Want more details? Check out our primer ‘What’s New in MPA 2.1’ or visit our Mitel Performance Analytics page.
Mitel Performance Analytics 2.1
MPA2.1 Infographic

It’s a new year, time for a fresh start and the perfect time to make a few New Year’s resolutions. Whether for the health of your body and mind or the health of your network, we all feel ready to tackle life’s challenges at this time of year. However, since studies show that fewer than half of us are actually sticking to our resolutions 6 months later, we’re making it easy for you.  We have 3 network performance resolutions that you can feel free to break, to make this the year for effortless network maintenance.

Resolution to Break #1: Play a Game of Break & FixNew Years Resolutions

When you are dealing with an unmonitored network it’s like trying to work in the dark. Troubleshooting issues becomes a game of Russian roulette and pinpointing the source of issues is time consuming and costly. Using fault and performance management software takes away the guesswork and allows you to quickly isolate and FIX issues on the network. Adding new devices to your network can be risky especially when you are dealing with aging infrastructure. With an unmonitored network the increase of devices can increase tenfold the chance of something going wrong – using a fault and performance management software like Mitel Performance Analytics delivers significant value with capabilities including:

  • Cloud or on-premise deployment options
  • Secure remote access to devices
  • 24/7 monitoring of voice quality and other stats, with alarms
  • Support for Mitel and third-party devices on the network
  • Alarm Analytics
  • Advanced inventory reporting

Resolution to Break #2: Get Lost in a Sea of Data

We all get tired of being bombarded by alarms. When you are inundated by alarm notifications you can’t tell which are important and which to ignore in a sea of meaningless notifications. Mitel Performance Analytics includes Alarm Analytics which monitors your network and transforms the data it collects into a powerful asset for your business. Repeatedly ignoring an alarm? Assigning a particular kind of alarm to the same individual time and again? Great, MPA will realize that and change your view so that you are only seeing the issues that matter most to you. Remove the clutter and get down to what is most important to you with alarm analytics.

Resolution to Break #3: Keep Skilled IT Resources Focused on Small Problems

You know how it goes, something breaks on the network and you quickly divert your most skilled team members to try and identify and then fix problems as they pop up. Firefighting these small issues on the network can drain your IT resources, as costly and skilled team members spend their time chasing problems that could be handled by less skilled team members. Monitoring the network using fault and performance management tools help to quickly pinpoint the most critical issues on the network before they impact the end user which allows your team to monitor the network proactively instead of reactively.

The New Year is a great time for new beginnings and fresh starts. Facing the New Year with a positive plan of action to manage your network will bring peace of mind and ensure that you spend your time proactively managing your network.