Martello BLOG : 2017

At Martello, we are still coming off the high of attending last week’s opening night of Burn. When our colleague Steven Dwyer suddenly passed away last May, we all knew that we wanted to find a way to honour his memory. When the opportunity to be a part of the Burn production that Steven’s wife Sandra Laughren was continuing to produce, we knew that this was the perfect way for us to honour his legacy.

Burn was engaging from the get-go with twists and turns that unfolded as the night progressed. To say that we were all on the edge of our seats for the whole production would be an understatement. The actors were dynamic and pulled you into the story and The Gladstone offered up an intimate space with a cozy set that made sure you felt a part of the action.

Sitting in the packed theatre on opening night as the house lights went down, we have never been prouder to be part of the Martello family and to see something that Steven believed in be met with such appreciation.

Bravo to the entire Burn cast, it was truly a triumph!

Hacking Health Ottawa
If you have ever attended a hackathon then you know there is a tangible excitement that surrounds this type of event and the feeling in the room that real-world solutions are being delivered is palpable.  To date, many of the donations made through Martello’s Employee-Directed Gift Program have focused on organizations that our employee’s children participated in or were passionate about. We are excited to feature a recent donation made by Martello’s social media marketing specialist Salina Tran that focuses on action, not talk and fostering an environment that is conducive to delivering exceptional healthcare innovations.
Martello Employee Directed Gift Program
Hacking Health was founded in 2012 and their mission is to ‘improve and accelerate innovation and digital technology development in the healthcare sector’. They believe that by connecting key healthcare stakeholders they can create solutions that address critical, front-line healthcare problems. The Ottawa chapter recently held a hackathon, inviting professionals, patients, designers, developers and entrepreneurs to collaborate in a two-day event promoting less talk about issues and more action.

Hacking Health is a volunteer driven organization that relies on the strength of its community to run these large events. When Salina Tran, Martello’s Marketing Specialist, heard about the hackathon planned for Ottawa she knew that she wanted to be a part of it and stepped up to offer her skills in social media marketing and content creation, knowing that she could make a difference at the event. Salina chose to direct her employee directed gift towards supporting the amazing innovations that would come out of this event. The Ottawa hackathon was held on May 10th and included over 156 participants focused on delivering real-world apps for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). For the hackathon, CHEO outlined issues that they were facing within the hospital which included everything from wait time management to a sleep apnea diagnostic tool. Hackers teamed up, selected a problem to develop a solution for and then worked with available mentors from the technology community and CHEO to help resolve any issues and get guidance.

The outcome of the Hacking Health Hackathon saw 25 solid projects emerge with 13 ‘Top Ideas’ identified over the intensive 42 hours. Salina had an active role in covering the hackathon through social media channels as well as helping with the event management that is needed for such a large-scale operation. “I found the hackathon very inspirational and love the fact that you can see ideas actually being thought through and then developed right in front of you. Creating a space for this to happen takes a lot of work but is very rewarding when you are able to see the final results.” For Salina, this was an incredibly worthwhile organization to work with and she finds that she feeds off the kind of energy and excitement that surrounds a hackathon event.

Our community is fortunate to have CHEO providing world-class care for the Ottawa area and beyond, and Martello was proud to be a small part of an event that will have such a lasting impact at the hospital. Hacking Heath strives to connect a community that can create realistic solutions to front-line healthcare problems. It is encouraging for us to realize the diversity of the organizations that are seeing the impact of Martello’s Employee Gift Giving Program and it reconfirms what we thought to be true, that these ripples are adding up and growing out into the community.

Getting set up can take time and be cumbersome, especially on a large network. The Device Discovery Tool automates the task of adding devices to Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA). By specifying an IP address range and SNMP settings, MPA scans the network to identify devices to be monitored, speeding up the set-up process.
Mitel Performance Analytics Device Discovery
With the Device Discovery Tool, you can easily add individual devices or groups of multiple devices of the same type to Mitel Performance Analytics from the scan results page. Where possible, device configuration data is pre-populated with data from the scan. This is ideal for large multi-node Mitel networks.
Mitel Performance Analytics Device Discovery Tool
The scan also identifies devices already monitored by Mitel Performance Analytics. You can modify the existing MPA device settings from the scan results page. This tool also allows you to perform bulk device configuration for more efficient provisioning.
For more on the features of MPA, take a look at our MPA 2.1 Primer or the MPA Demo Videos.