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Feature of the Week: Device Discovery Tool

August 17, 2017

Getting set up can take time and be cumbersome, especially on a large network. The Device Discovery Tool automates the task of adding devices to Mitel Performance Analytics (MPA). By specifying an IP address range and SNMP settings, MPA scans the network to identify devices to be monitored, speeding up the set-up process.
Mitel Performance Analytics Device Discovery
With the Device Discovery Tool, you can easily add individual devices or groups of multiple devices of the same type to Mitel Performance Analytics from the scan results page. Where possible, device configuration data is pre-populated with data from the scan. This is ideal for large multi-node Mitel networks.
Mitel Performance Analytics Device Discovery Tool
The scan also identifies devices already monitored by Mitel Performance Analytics. You can modify the existing MPA device settings from the scan results page. This tool also allows you to perform bulk device configuration for more efficient provisioning.


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