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CASE STUDY: Dublin Airport Authority

August 11, 2020

The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) is responsible for managing two airports in Ireland. The authority had a huge IT infrastructure that made it very difficult to isolate where and why a problem occurred during an outage. As a result, their IT department ended up spending a lot of time troubleshooting the symptoms of problems instead of the root cause of the issues, only to have the same errors occur again in the future. With Martello, the Dublin Airport Authority is able to see the exact cause of a problem so they can fix it at the source, often before end users notice an interruption in service, and can then prevent it from happening again. Martello’s application monitoring for travel solution helped this institution prevent outages.

The Challenge

Time consuming cross-referencing between systems resulted in a lot of coordination between teams. When an outage would occur it was difficult and time-consuming to track down the source of the problem through the multiple systems. This meant that when there was a problem, the IT staff started off by trying to fix the visible symptoms, like application outages, and were not necessarily dealing with the root cause of the problem.

The Solution

Martello’s solution takes the place of multiple complex reporting systems the DAA IT staff had to deal with in the past. This solution provides them with one easy, intuitive system to monitor their entire infrastructure. Martello’s ITOperations Solution provides a view of their infrastructure prominently displayed on large screens, one for each airport, to give their team a single pane of glass view of their entire network.

“We save a lot of time with Martello. We can instantly
distinguish which IT problems are affecting
operations from those that aren’t, and can begin
troubleshooting in a matter of seconds.”
Karen Gantly, IT Operations

The Result

With Martello, when a problem occurs, any member of the IT staff can look at the ITOperations system screens and immediately see where the problem is. That person can also see what happened both before and after the outage, so the IT staff can start fixing the actual problem rather than just the symptom. This means they are can fix the issue itself, and potential prevent it from occurring again. In addition, Dublin Airport Authority no longer has to train staff on multiple reporting systems. Since the Martello solution is so graphically intuitive, new staff hires are up and running much more quickly then before.

“With Martello’s solution, we can start
troubleshooting the root cause of an outage, not
the symptom of the outage itself. In fact, we can
often address the root cause before the effect is
even reported. Previously, we would respond and
begin trouble shooting at the ‘effect’.”
John Curran, IT Systems Admin


Replacing multiple reporting systems with Martello’s solution allowed the Dublin Airport Authority to respond to issues quickly, solve problems rather than symptoms and made it easier to train new members of their IT staff. Outages are fixed faster and are less likely to occur again in the future.



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